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9.3 Things you should do after seeing 93 days movie



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By Ediale Kingsley
As the movie based on the true heroics of Nigerians who stood against Ebola hits a cinema near you today (Friday 16th, 2016). And having seen the piece of art myself, I feel obliged to guide you through things you should do after the end credit rolls.

1. Wipe your tears (cry, cry baby). You don’t want your neighbors seeing those tears. While you wipe those tears, go to your social media and show forth thy proud ego. Yeah, tell the world to go see how the nation they once termed good-for-nothing looked Ebola in the eye and said STOP!

2. Relive the laughter. There are loads of comical reliefs. Rethink them and share. Then quickly make plans to see it again. It worked for me. It will for you. You won’t cry this time. You will laugh and take notes.

3. Pay tribute to the late Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh. The movie says she loved kids. Do a charity for kids in her name or something of such kind gesture..

4. Pay a visit to the First Consultants Medical Center. That’s the cross-of-Calvary for the project. Go pay your respect.

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5. Save for the original dvds. Nothing beats seeing the movie in the cinemas. Yet you need that piece of national history on your shelf.

6. Take a big cake to the Lagos Medical Emergency Vehicle Drivers. Their parts towards ensuring the spread of the disease was controlled wasn’t an easy task.

7. Support Nollywood. It can become truly better. Danny Glover showed up for this one. Will Smith may show up for the next.

8. Allow the girl child become all she wants to be. Just pray and guide with wisdom. For all those who tagged Bimbo Akintola naughty and bad for all the bad girl roles she picked. Well they will swallow their tongues after seeing this movie.

9.1. Pray some more. When the movie screened at the U.S Department of Health and Human Service. They had this to say, `”you guys love to pray”. On the 13th of September at the Rock Cathedral, just after the premier, Pastor Paul Adefarasin and the hands behind the movie presented awards of recognition to the people who played a role or two within the 93 days of Ebola scare. Now, you and I can pray for the family left behind by those that laid their lives for the 21 million Lagosians (or the 200million Nigerians).
9.2. Sacrifice for Nigeria. I may not believe the new found Buhari slogan of Change Begins With You. But the movie shows how we can take this great nation to glorious height if we all can endure some more.
9.3. Stop lying to your doctors. You don’t know the damage you do when you go lying about your health situation.