AGF urges compliance with court order

  • Dissociates self from lingering crisis
  •  I didn’t go into hiding not to swear in Ogah – Abia Chief Judge
The Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, has admonished that parties involved in the Abia governorship tussle should await the decision of the courts before taking any action. The AGF stated that he has not taken any position on the Abia governorship crisis because his view has not been sought by anyone.
The minister in a statement on Sunday in Abuja by Salisu Isah, Chief Press Secretary, emphasized that the constitutional powers for the legal opinion of his office had not been sought on the issue; adding that so far, nobody had approached him to proffer any legal opinion on the matter. “As a strong believer in the rule of law, it is my belief that the law should naturally take its course; the attorney-general will not be dragged into this controversy at this point,” he declared.
“The attention of the attorney-general has been drawn to the insinuations and crass lies being peddled by a cross-section of Nigerians and various media platforms, alleging his involvement in the legal logjam in the state. He wishes to clarify that those canvassing this position have no basis to do so. Of particular concern are those who have peddled ill-natured rumours with a view to misinform our discerning populace,” it was protested.
“They want to misinform them that it was the minister, and by extension, the Federal Government that gave directives to INEC to issue Certificate of Return to Uchechukwu Ogah, declaring him governor-elect. The attorney-general has definitely not taken any action either by spoken words or body language as far as this Abia governorship crisis is concerned,” Malami declared.
Meanwhile, Chief Judge of Abia, Theresa Uzokwe, disputed reports that she went into hiding last week in order not to swear in Uche Ogah as Abia governor.
Uzokwe said “mischievous politicians” were behind the reports, adding there is evidence to prove that she did abscond from duty.
Uzokwe a statement in which she said she wants to “set records straight”, issued on her behalf by Vicky Analaba, Acting Chief Registrar of Abia, declared: “contrary to the allegations of cowardice by mischievous politicians, the chief judge, was in her office throughout work time on Thursday 30 June, 2016 from 8:30am till 4:30pm. For the avoidance of doubt, on Thursday 30th June 2016, the chief judge was in her court room performing her lawful duties, including the delivery of four rulings on that date.”
She stated that “these facts are verifiable and in the records of the court,” explaining that, “this press release has become necessary in order to avoid further mischief and to set the records straight.”