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Alia’s anti- corruption stance attracts donor agencies to Benue — CPS Kula



Alia's anti- corruption stance attracts donor agencies to Benue — CPS Kula
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Governor Hyacinth Alia ,the Benue State Governor  has seen a positive shift.

A press statement by the Chief Press Secretary, Tersoo Kula, revealed the return of donor agencies, development partners, and INGOs to the state.

Kula attributed this comeback to Governor Alia’s strong stance against corruption and other unethical practices.

He emphasized that the Governor Alia’s commitment to clean governance has sent a clear message, deterring corruption and creating a more favorable environment.

This news came during a media briefing organized by the Chief Press Secretary’s office.

The briefing allowed Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) to showcase their achievements to the in-house media team.

With Governor Alia thoughts ,  Kula acknowledged that many of these agencies had previously withdrawn due to unprofessional practices during the prior administration.

Furthermore, the Director General of Benue State’s Bureau for International Cooperation and Development (BICD), Aondoaseer Viashima, explained the role of the newly established BICD.

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Created under Governor Alia’s leadership, the BICD aims to “facilitate bilateral relations, coordination, knowledge sharing, strategic alignment, and foster sustainable development” through collaboration with non-profit organizations, INGOs, and donor partners.

The BICD is actively collaborating with various ministries and agencies to maximize the impact of development efforts in the state.

This collaboration involves information sharing, networking, and resource mobilization.


The Bureau works with entities like the Ministries of Humanitarian Affairs, Youths and Sports, Rural Development and Cooperatives, Health, Works, Housing and Urban Development, as well as agencies like SEMA and BENSACA.