Barca’s Suarez out for 15 days

The first sensations suggest that a serious injury is not treated, but its announcement with Uruguay seems totally discarded.
Luis Suarez ended the game limping visibly after making a bad gesture on his right ankle, which forced him to leave the field. The images of pain in the face of the Uruguayan striker made him presage the worst and even more when he tried to get up and practically could not even support his foot on the ground.
However, the first exploration in the locker room ruled out a serious injury to the right ankle. In the absence of the tests he will undergo this Monday, the player points to a moderate sprain that could leave him fifteen to twenty days off the pitch.
That means that it could be a serious doubt in the face of the derby against Espanyol at Camp Nou on March 30, although he could already be practically recovered for the match against Villareal on April 2 at El Madrigal. What seems evident is that in no case would his presence be jeopardized for the quarterfinals of the Champions League against Manchester United.
In any case, the club plans to send a statement to the Uruguayan Football Federation on Monday to excuse the presence of Suarez in the face of the two friendly matches played by the Uruguayan team in China