Better than Wi-Fi, Li-Fi is 100 times faster, claims scientist

By Boluwatife Ezekiel Olaleye

A new wireless technology  that you may have not heard about, Li-Fi, has finally been tested in a real world setting and proving 100 times faster than Wi-Fi  —but don’t say goodbye to Wi-Fi just yet.

Li-Fi works through Visible Light Communication, not only is Li-Fi faster (which is really all anyone could ask for), it’s more secure.

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This is because light can’t pass through walls like a normal Wi-Fi signal would. Getting rid of Wi-Fi and installing Li-Fi technology would be too expensive so scientists are currently working on ways to make devices work with Li-Fi, possibly combining Wi-Fi and Li-Fi down the line for a more secure wireless technology.

We can do nothing but hope that Nigerians will be able to enjoy this Wireless Network because it requires steady power supply!