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Blasphemy: The north will be consumed by the monsters it created (Part 2)



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By Erasmus Ikhide
To Begin with, the unwashed dogs who roasted alive Miss Deborah Samuel on Thursday last week for allegedly defaming Prophet Mohammed of Islamic religion have the backing of the likes of Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State, the terrorists defender, capacious Blasphemer, religious fanatic, hypocrite and a pocket tyrant.
On January 7th 2013 at 11: 39pm Nasir El-Rufai allegedly twitted thus: “If Jesus criticizes Jonathan’s govt, Maku/Abati/Okupe will say he slept with Mary Magdalene”. …. LWKMD. The dwarf emperor of Kaduna State is not done yet. During his 2019 Governorship campaign, precisely on the 17th of January, 2019, Governor El-Rufai was quoted as saying “Even if Pope is my running mate, Christians wouldn’t vote for me”.
These are just a few of the blasphemous obscenity, inciting twitches from one of the prominent Northern religious profiteerings against the Christian faith, and no one has called for the decapitation of his head in a manner the people he’s indoctrinating are rolling out guns, bows and arrows against innocent citizens who dare mention Prophet Mohammed, even in passing, so long he/she is not a Muslim.
In December 3, 2016 Governor Nasir El-Rufai shocked the world when he said, and I quote: “We’ve Paid Fulani Herdsmen To Stop Killing People In Southern Kaduna”. That piece of news was reported in Vanguard newspaper and many other traditional newspapers across the country. Paid Islamist terrorists to stop killing Christians? What’s the difference between Boko Haram insurgents, Fulani terrorists, ISIS, ISWAP, Islamic bandits who killed Miss Deborah Samuel last week Thursday? Did they all not subscribe to their belive that western education is evil and that western civilisation must be pulled down?
Governor El-Rufai’s notorious equivalent are abound in the North. The Commissioner for Youths and Sports in Borno State is one of them. According to him, ‘those who are opposing the extrajudicial killing of Deborah should have their heads examined’. It’s tragic to know that in Nigeria some group enjoy murder, and they want those who do not want to watch murder, to have their heads examined. In actuality, whose head needs examination? Though, it gladens the minds to know that the Northern Governors have condemned the unavoidable Sokoto mayhem. They shouldn’t stop at that because they’re part of the larger problem.
While President Muhammadu Buhari; Northern Governors, their religious leaders and Northern military industrial complex at the helm of affairs are busy romanticizing with members of designated terrorist groups in the country, such as absorbing “repented” Boko Haram terrorists into the military, Saudi Arabia is treating them differently. They pretended not to know that Saudi Arabia, an Islamist state, beheaded 37 of its citizens in June 2019; at the same time, executed 81 persons also on the 13th of March, 2022 for terrorism related offences.
What with a country and its ruling class that proclaim religion sanctimoniously and does everything that negates the tenets and principles of such instructions as practised elsewhere, where they were borrowed from? Without mincing words, hypocrisy is the major nemesis of the Northern oligarchs, and that has created wide swathe of inequality, degradation, despondency, illiteracy, poverty dynasty, violence and terrorism enterprise amongst hundreds of millions of Northern youths who have been raped by the criminal leadership. This does not mean that all Muslim are terrorist, because I have worked with Comrade Rauf Ogbeni Aregbesola as Governor of State of Osun, one of the most dedicated Muslims in human history. The critical point here is that the barbaric and wicked miscreants killing in the guise of religion is part of the legion of issues the Northern Muslims must address, as a matter of urgency.
Although, the raping of the North has a root in the battle of the minds, as we know it. Because the mind is as coefficient as the cottonwood, whatever is imputed into it at adolescent age remains permanently undaunted. That’s why you hardly can find children of Northern religious leaders, the ruling class or captains of industry amongst other millions of Northern children in Almajiri schools all over the entire Northern Region? Why? Hypocrisy!
Two years ago, Governor Nasir El-Rufai who made a showmanship of sending one of his numerous children to public school (not Quranic school) in Kaduna State, hurriedly removed the boy from the school for security reasons. He’s probably sent oversea to be qualitatively educated, as usual. If there are no schools good enough in Kaduna State, just like in other counterpart Northern States for the Governors’ children to attend, there wouldn’t be a Northern region to return to after their graduation in foreign lands. El-Rufai’s son’s mate would have been Islamically radicalised to the point that he would be looking for Christians who would wrongly mention the name of Prophet Mohammed in a manner those Islamic bandits in Sokoto State extrajudicially executed Deborah Samuel on Thursday last in cold blood.
This is the bitter truth and the hypocritical lesson Northern leaders do not want to learn from. All the Northern political elites, the Sultan, Emirs, Imams and other clerics are busy sending their kids to United Kingdom, United States, Canada and the rest of Europe countries established by Christian faith or Western education modern to be sufficiently and thoroughly educated, while they themselves visit those places for medical tourism! Now the conundrums: why are the Northern oligarchs not sending their kids to Iran, Iraq or Yemen to be educated in the Islamic tenets? Why are they not seeking medical treatment in Islamic countries for effective and complete religious adaptation? Why the self-denial and hypocrisy?
The other day, a member of House of Representatives representing a section of Edo Central Senatorial District, Hon. Sagius Ogun, proposed a bill to put an end to Nigerian Government officials sending their kids abroad to be educated. That bill was killed by majority of Northern politicians in the National Assembly. You may say it’s safe for their survivalist strategy as most of them can’t visit their home states for security reasons. The normal human beings they refused to create enably environment for, refused to send to school, the kids they used and dumped after each election, refused to empower, left in the hands of Islamic Mullahs to be indoctrinated have all been turned into monsters!
Over four decades ago, Chief Obafemi Awolowo said the North is fifty years behind Southern Nigeria, and that there’s urgent need to bridge the gap. Today, that gap has widened over and above one hundred and fifty years from available statistics. I suggested immediate solutions to bridging the gap in the first part of this discourse, if Nigeria must remain focused, and as one entity.
It’s not enough for the Northern political leaders to park themselves up in the Presidency, NNPC, CBN, NTA, NPA, NSCDC, Airforce, Military, Navy, Customs, Immigration, Police and the likes on the basis of the manipulated Quota System and Federal Character Commission hogwash and call it advancement in a multicultural and multireligious nation, while they’re rarely found in Mobil, Chevron, Total, Shell, Channels, AIT and the rest.
By the way, what’s the offence of the Igbos, if I may ask? Why are they always the victims each time bloodlust Islamic thugs run berserk and out of their minds for offenses committed either in Nigeria or outside the shores of Nigeria; just as their businesses, houses were destroyed and looted in Sokoto State two days ago?
Southern Nigerians are saying enough of this blooded behemoth called Nigeria. Let the Northern retain their theocratic sharia nation called Arewa, where human blood can be regularly offered to the satisfaction of the Islamic bandits who think their Prophet might be offended at the slightest provocation, while the southerners remains with its secular democracy, peacefully or otherwise.
As the country lies in tatters, the North reeling in oppressive banditary and the South bearing the horrific scars of Northern self-immolation, it might not be too long before Nigeria lay to waste and everyone finds his/her roots!
Blasphemy: The north will be consumed by the monsters it created (Part 2)

Erasmus Ikhide