Reactions trail corper’s death

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Following the barbaric killing of a female corps member, Linda Angela Igwetu, in Abuja, Nigerians have called on the management of the NPF, Federal Government and National Youth Service Corps,NYSC, to ensure justice prevails in the matter.
The corps member was shot dead on Wednesday, 4th of July, 2018 by a SARS officer identified as Benjamin Peters.
The deceased, an ex student of Command Day Secondary School (and her mum teaches Biology in the school), who was to have her NYSC Passing Out Parade today was said to have gone out with her friends as part of the celebration for the completion of her one year service when a trigger-happy policeman shot her.
She sustained gunshot wound and was rushed to Garki hospital but the hospital refused to treat her because there was no police report authorizing them to treat her gunshot wound. She bled to death.
But reacting to her death, Nigerians have called on NYSC to provide maximum security to corps members serving in the country.
They also demanded that justice must prevail in the matter.

Here are some comments gathered by from Twitter over the incident:

@EdialeWrites “Its very devilish and an act of vampirism that the police would actually attempt to throw such a matter under the bloody rug and arrest her younger sister’s phone in the process. All ex Commandos, around the world must force justice out of the system as a respect for one of their own”

@Rally “Federal Govt. Please scrap this rubbish NYSC already, innocent people are dying over nothing all in the name of serving one’s fatherland.”

@UbaMichael “My heart goes out to the family of Linda Nkechi Igwetu, NYSC Member. May God give you fortitude to bear this great loss.

“But the constitution boldly bestow us freedom of movement at any time and any day! Nowadays our only crime is that we are Nigerians.”

@DrJoeAbbah ” I received with shock and sadness news of the killing of Miss Linda Angela Igwetu in Abuja yesterday. It appears that she was killed by the Police. I call on the Police authorities to do everything they can to speedily investigate this matter and ensure justice for Linda.”

@Dantiana42 “The name of d policeman that shot her is Benjamin Peter’ so let’s hope that justice is served.”

@OdikwoGodwin “Justice should be served on all those involved in the death of an innocent NYSC Member that was supposed to round up her service today. From the callous policeman that shot at her to the management of the hospital that refused her treatment in an emergency state. None should escape.”

@Florenceozor “Miss Linda Angela Igwetu, she would have passed out from NYSC today, SARS ensured she passed away yesterday.

“Nigeria does not protect its future, it kills it.”

@Robot147 “If NYSC can’t give security to corps members then I see no reason why we serving.”

@Smirkgal “My own is NYSC should not let this one go. Kazaure needs to let corps members know their lives matter. It’s not touring camps up and down…RIP Angela.”

@BenUgbana “When I hear undergraduates say they don’t want to serve their country under the NYSC, I used to shake my head for them.

“But I don’t do that anymore. Because serving a country that cannot protect you is just not worth it.”