Body signs that shows you are fast aging than usual

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Premature aging, is a situation where you see yourself having some aging signs, when you are still young, or before you turn 35.

Your body changes rapidly than usual in premature aging. Although most people who experience premature aging, don’t know the body signs it shows. This article will reveal some signs you will notice when you are fast aging than usual, as sourced from Healthline.

1. One of the major signs of premature aging is sun spots, which is also refereed to spots and liver spots, which shows up on your skin due to years of sun exposure.

However, such signs tend to appear on either your face, back of hand or forearms, as you cross 40 years, but when you see them earlier, then you know it is premature aging.

2. Gaunt hands are part of premature aging, and this occurs when the top layers of your skin becomes thinner and as well contain fewer structuring proteins like collagen.

When your hands start to appear more vein and thin, also prone to wrinkles at your late 30 and 40, then it is premature aging.

3. Hyperpigmentation along chest, that appears during your 30s, is another sign of premature aging.

4. When you also experience dry or itchy skin known as xerosis cutis during your 30s, then it is part of early aging.

5. Wrinkles, or sagging at your 30s, is another basic sign of premature aging because your skin have slow down in its collagen production.

6. Lastly, hair loss at your early age is another sign of premature aging and this happens as the stem cells in your body that helps stir new hair growth in your hair follicles are died.