Breaking: Indian govt rejects El-Zakzaky, sets date for return to Nigeria

The Indian government has given Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky a deadline to leave if he refuses to receive treatment from doctors available to treat him who had been cleared by their government.

The order has thus triggered a reaction from the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.

He too has refused treatment from those he called unknown doctors the Indian government provided.

The Shiites leader is insisting that he wants to be treated by those booked to treat him before he and his wife left from Nigeria.

A member of the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) made the disclosure to PRNigeria on Wednesday.

The source lamented the attitude of Indian government, saying the country was acting as if El-Zakzaky was a common criminal even when no court in Nigeria had convicted him.

“I just received very worrying news from the Indian government that ultimatum has been given to the Leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria to leave India if he does not agree to the Doctors specified to treat him,’ the source added.

“From the way this is going, he is being treated extremely bad.

“Under the current situation, it seems he has no choice other than to go back to Nigeria. He has been given some hours to respond to their ultimatum.”