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Bukola Saraki breaks silence, celebrates 100 days out of office



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Former President of the Senate and former Governor of Kwara State, Dr. Bukola Saraki, on Wednesday celebrated 100 days of his exit from office. The former President of the Senate, making a broad statement for the first time since he lost in the 2019 general elections, was of the view that first 100 days has exposed the true weakness of the government of Kwara State, which makes if difficult for any occupant of office to fulfill populist excpectations but which leaders of te All Progressives Congress (APC) used to blacnkmail him as a ‘thief’ stealing the state funds. He expressed that he has no regret losing in the elections, noting that the loss has made citizens in Kwara State see governance from the other divide.

Saraki in a statement remarked: “I am a happy man today as Kwara is about to celebrate the 100 days of the Acclaimed Salvation Team or is it Party of The Self Acclaimed Saviors, but I am celebrating 100 days Out of Office of Dr. Bukola Saraki in my own part.

“Sincerely I am not feeling the loss of PDP because it is of no use to me but the topic today is not of the loss of PDP or the Dynasty per se but victory of the truth unveiling now.”

Saraki observed that thte people of Kwara State are not happy that the man rthey love and supported lost in an election. He asserted that the truth is that those who were eating and still believe they will be eating if the PDP or the Dynasty win won’t be happy with the development but he was not one.

“Bukola Saraki, too, may not be happy with the loss but like thinking of circumcision pain, man will be reluctant in submitting his Adam’s Pen to the piercing of a knife of circumcision but he needs it,” the former Senate Presdient said.

He stated: “it may be a great pain when the Dynasty lost in Kwara but now 100 days out of office of the Dynasty is bringing joy to the true lovers of Bukola Saraki.

“In these 3 months, 1 week and 3 days which are beautifully added to – one month of May allocations; many things have been revealed.

“Many truths revealed on the lies told against Bukola Saraki were least expected that the ones cursing Bukola out of sincere belief in the crusade that he was looting KWARA then are secretly or openly asking for God forgiveness now.”

Saraki argued that the ability of the Abdulfatah to pay some salary arrears before 100 days in August of 2015 after receiving bail out of N4 billion and failure to do the same in May 2019 on the part of New Government when he received N5.2 billion even though the party made it a cardinal campaign promise to get Civil Servant solid support that secured victory for it in the elections, has cleared the issues on the love of Otoge for Kwara Civil servants.

He maintained that the non-commiseration of the achievements of APC government within these 100 days with projects worth additional N2 billion monthly, Bukola must have been prevented from stealing, has shown us clearly Bukola is being lied against on all the stealing allegations.

Saraki pointed out that “if the N2 billion monthly loot was true; Kwara should be having N8 billion extra in addition to N4.8 billon apart from the expected sum of N5.2 billion Paris Refund withheld Kwara money during the time of Abdulfatah which we expect to have dropped now since we are now in good book of Federal Government.”


The former Seante Presdeint stated that the inability to go beyond paying N240 million of remaining amount of cost of contract for the completion of the Secretariat Building which N1 billion out of N1.2 billion total cost has been paid by Abdulfath Ahmed and other scores of millions or/and, they are putting into trash the lies that billions are going to Bukola monthly.

Saraki contended that the failure of the current governor will tell the people of Kwara that if there was stealing before APC came, the stealing then may be a child’s play compared to what s happenng now in the state.

“These are only saying the stealing in the past must be kindergarten in nature compared to what must be going on now if the allegations of stealing by the past administration were to be true.

“I believe the new governor will prefer people knowing there is nothing to steal in Kwara State than allowing people to believe he is the one stealing the billions Bukola were alleged of stealing then presently.

He further argued that “the complaint of nothing getting to the people in the grassroots since these 100 days, even without any visible difference in government spending activities (nor announcement of special saving on the part of State Government to tell us our money is still intact) has also established the fact that the money Bukola was sharing to his party members is out of contentedness with the little God is giving to him and that Kwara has no such money.

“The continuation of Bukola humanitarian activities of giving to programs and buy people gift for festival even when the serving government cannot afford to buy these gifts, now, is also clearing the fact that Bukola Saraki was doing all these from his personal money.”

He protested that the careless and continuous insistence claim that Bukola looted KWARA even without the substantiation of bringing out the monthly N2 billion loot claim is a confirmation that the perpetrators have no respect for KWARA or for the sound brains therein and are just blinded by desire to tarnish Bukola’s image.

“Some APC members ‘jubilation without remorse or consideration for the mood of the masses on the failed 100 days promises of this government, is also confirming that these people’s claim of fighting to free Kwarans from slavery is rather a concept designed to put KWARANs in their own slavery.

“Since Bukola Saraki is not a hungry man that need State allocation to survive as revealed in these first 100 days of opportunity to watch someone else running the affair of Kwara State and Kwara need more years to confirm totally these revealing facts; staying out for this period won’t be bad for us to see clearly the different,” Saraki declared.

He remarked that even the Senate seems to have been in recession with Dr. Bukola Saraki’s exit

He maintained that the clear truth is that envy and desperation engineered all those lies against Bukola Saraki while the only justifiable point is let someone else try it.

“Looking at the 100 days out of Office both in the Nigerian Senate and Kwara governance of Dr. Bukola Saraki is having the opposite effects from the expectation on the ones that are not hungry among the two political groups of KWARA now.

“The only one not happy for Dr. Bukola Saraki among his lovers are the one that were only eating through his governance while the only one jubilating still on his defeat are the only one considering what they will eat under the new government.


“The ones that were rejoicing because they believe they have voted out Bukola, the looter, to stop the looting are now wondering on what is happening since nothing has changed in these 100 days but continuation of propaganda of lies.”

Saraki added that “those that are truly with Bukola Saraki are jubilating that finally, the hundred days has vindicate and exonerate Bukola Saraki of all lies of stealing.”

It was noted: “only hungry politicians and your haters that are celebrating your temporary exit. The true KWARA lovers are only flabbergasted at the exposition of the reality on the ground.”

Saraki acknowledged that Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq did not disappoint him, however, because the governor won’t create money and neither is he from another planet with magical quality of an alien.

“We celebrate with Kwarans on the celebrations of these 100 days of revelations.

“Feeling the pulse as I am passing bye and still seriously reflecting on the 3 distinct moods of people on these 100 days of Kwara New government,” he said.