Can you own a gun in Nigeria? See what the law says

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In Nigeria, it may be difficult to see civilians who possess guns or ammunition legally. This is because the law does not allow just any person have access to these firearms because they can pose a threat to others.

Firearms in Nigeria are governed and enforced by the Firearms Act. This law regulates the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification and use of arms by civilians. It also restricts the use of other weapons such as explosives, crossbows, swords, electroshock weapons, air guns and pepper spray.

Although the use of firearms is restricted, it is not impossible to own a gun in Nigeria as a person may apply to obtain a gun license. You must however meet these requirements:

a. You must be above eighteen years of age

b. You must be physically fit and mentally stable

c. You must have a clean criminal record

The process of obtaining a license is as follows:

Where a person is applying by himself, he will:

1. Visit the office of the Police Commissioner in his or her state, and make a request to the relevant authority.

2. An Application form would be issued to you. It must be completed and submitted with all the required documents attached.

3. You would then be allowed to purchase a gun from the operations department of the Nigeria Police Force, and thereafter provide the serial number of the gun to the police. They will then register it on their records.

4. The application documents will be examined thoroughly along with all necessary attached documents.

5. If the documents are sufficient, actions would be taken to grant you the license.

6. When the license is ready, you will be contacted to receive it.

It should be noted that where a person has in his possession any gun which was not gotten through the legal means, he would be guilty of a crime and can be imprisoned.