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By Kelechi Deca

Having a bad season is like a love relationship hitting the rocks. That’s why it is always important to cherish whatever beautiful times you have while the Sun shines, when it is all good so you can store them as sweet memories to fall back on when and if things go south.

The present heartaches I feel from our situation at Stamford Bridge are not as painful as our enemies desire we feel.

Whatever agonies it might have sent our ways are effectively and efficiently cushioned by the beautiful memories of the great things we have wrought in the last decade and half of winning everything and every trophy in club football on earth.

Memories deposited and safely kept where termites of envy or hatred can never access.

A man who has never ever been truly and totally loved by a woman would never know what it is to bask under the canopy of beautiful memories. Memories stored in the depth of the heart, to be prudently withdrawn in scarcity, and slowly enjoyed whenever the pangs of regrets come knocking.

There’s nothing like living on the good side of the history that concerns you. Watching greatness happen to you while you still have the strength, physically and mentally to savour them.

Savouring victory takes both physical and emotional strength, and best when you’re still young.

Not my friends who would never see their club win some competitions in their lifetime. Some may even be octogenarians or nonagenarians when they may win Europa, by that time demetia may rob them the knowledge that they are even a fan of a club. They may not even remember what a football is. Of what use then?

It would be like receiving a car gift of a G-Wagen when they’re 98 years old.

It is best to have God’s blessings and also the power and grace to enjoy it. Ecclesiastes 5:19-20.

But my Chelsea, inspite of the present storm, inspite its rocking boat, has given me something to cherish. A story to tell and retell. Like a love story made to last forever.

We are the English club with most major trophies since the turn of the Millennium with 18 trophies.


Before my very eyes Chelsea won 5 premier league titles, 6 FA Cups, 3 Carabao cups, 2 UEFA Champions League trophies, and 2 UEFA Europa League trophies.Super Cup and Club WorldCup.

Even if I quit today, like a love relationship, I will do so still feeling the aftertaste of such a superb relationship we’ve had together in which we’ve enjoyed the best in our youth o.

Not keeping hope alive that may never manifest like the others.

Call this consolation, call it I get am before ( but we know those wey no go ever get am shah), call it whatever you will.

You can never steal my beautiful memories from me. They are mine deeply buried in the very crust of my heart.

We shall overcome!

  • Culled from his Facebook page 

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