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Confederation Cup Final: What Chile, Germany did to pass through Ronaldo, Chicharito



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By Ediale Kingsley

Clinically done. The Germans are half bulls and half machines. Two goals in 2 minutes, 6th and 8th mins. The parent of the first 2 goals, Leon Goretzka, did his deliveries in pure scientific mode.

This bullish and mechanic approach infuses art with science. Germany has its act together. Their football program is a good example to emulate. How can this team C still make it to Confederate Cup finals?

Make no mistake, this team C just became a major team B and only a few of team A players will make it. Others will retired gracefully. You should copy that, if you are Nigeria.

Draxler, Stegen and Joshua Kimmich (who is just 22 years old and he’s already wearing the captain’s armband for Germany) are showing brilliant leadership.

For the Mexicans, Fabian showed us that G. Dos Santos wasted 62 mins of his stay (Fabian got a stunner goal at 89th min. After Werner’s 3rd goal for Germany ).

The Santos brothers are taking too much time to attain top class status. They showed flashes of brilliance today, but what they needed was to show top class quality.

Also, in this Semi Final, those who queried why Manchester United sold Chicharito, got answers.

This match ended 4-1. Germany graduates to Final and Mexico will do play off with Portugal.

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Back to that game between Chile and Portugal.

I already stated that the Chileans were my most favorites to lift this trophy second to Germany. Cameroon was my third (they disappointed me) and Portugal my fourth. I didn’t give Mexico any chance in my top 4.


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Gelson, was the player that could have done it for Portugal. He had a splendid game before the Semifinals. But whatever condition that ensured he was only subbed in at the dying mins of the Extra Time still shocks me.

Yet I wasn’t rooting for them, but common! Bring the best legs in!

Gelson is the revelation of this Portugal outing (William Carvalho and Gelson, for me, at least).

Another thing wrong was Nani. The same way, I consider Jesus Navas as a goofy player, is quite the same way that Nani doesn’t ( and hasn’t) impress me.

Then after the two penalties missed, for Portugal, why did Ronaldo not take the third kick? That was going to be the life saver. And I don’t want to hear Coach’s instruction. We all know who the real Coach is.

He should have taken the third kick and help savage the mess, Quaresma and co had made. But they allowed Nani do Nada. Shame.

Bravo obviously increased his worth. After having a first bad season in the EPL. He bounced back. Stopping one penalty is golden. Stopping two is heavenly. When you go on to save three penalties, you deserve a Balloon D’or.

Something about that Chile side. Something about Vidal and how they all composed for the penalty kicks. It was nice to see Sanchez take the 3rd kick.

Vidal jugged in confidence to take his kick, Quaresma strolled in dejected posture. Ronaldo didn’t know he should go and save the third kick, but Sanchez knew to go and kill it.

And finally, at the end the deserving side won. It was a team effort for Chile and their coach was brilliant.