Covid-19: Lockdown extended two weeks

From June 1, Kaduna will be returning to its lockdown, but there will be some slack in the two-week partial restriction.

According to Deputy Governor Hadiza Balarabe, who made the announcement in a broadcast to residents on Tuesday, after 60 days, the state government has reviewed the Quarantine Orders, and Governor Nasir El-Rufai approved the recommendation to extend the partial lockdown.

“These measures are intended to preserve the state’s ability to protect citizens, empower citizens to lead the fight against COVID-19, and make necessary adjustments to the partial lockdown to permit the safe resumption of the pursuit of livelihoods in more sectors.

“The Kaduna State Government is conscious of the sacrifices that citizens have made and the many challenges that remain in keeping them safe from COVID-19

“This week, the relaxation of movement will be effected on Wednesday and Thursday.

“From Monday, 1st June 2020, the revised regulations will come into effect. Until otherwise stated, the lockdown-free days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

“Temporary neighbourhood markets will continue to operate from 10am to 4pm on these three days, but citizens can move from 6am to 6pm on these lockdown-free days.

“Informal markets are not allowed and those flouting regulations by turning streets into markets are advised to stop.

“Private sector firms that meet these requirements will also operate on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. This window also allows vulcanisers, welders, mechanics, and providers of similar services to operate on the same days.”

Many of the governors in the north have lifted the lockdown they imposed on their states when the viral infection first spread there.