This is why Nigerians don’t believe in Covid-19

There’s an ongoing campaign saying #StopCovid19lies . Why are Nigerians refusing to buy the reality of the coronavirus?
Well, here are 5 reasons.
1) Emotional Fatigue – Many Nigerians are emotionally tired. The anxiety, fear and panic they felt at the beginning of the pandemic has been reduced to a dullness. The daily updates, constant breaking news and other news stories concerning COVID-19 have made them emotionally tired. For most Nigerians, they just want the world to be the way it was before the pandemic.
2) Economy – Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economy has taken a bad hit including Nigeria’s. It has been estimated that a lot of people will lose their jobs within this period. Let’s not also forget that Nigeria’s economy is facing a recession. With this bleak situation, a lot of Nigerians no longer care about COVID-19. They are going out to do business and secure their jobs in these unstable times.
3) Lockdown Is Not A Viable Long Term Strategy – Just like in other parts of the world, people can’t be kept indoors for too long. Apart from the lockdown not being a viable strategy economically, it is hard to keep human beings locked up for too long. After two consecutive lockdowns, Nigerians have thrown caution to the wind and have come out of their homes to socialize with neighbours and go about their daily business.
4) Low Infection Rate – At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria, a lot of doomsday prophecies were shared online. Anonymous analysts and unconfirmed studies claimed the country would be badly hit by the virus. A viral voice note even said that 45 millions Nigerians would be infected by coronavirus and the death rate would rival that of Italy and Spain. Three months after the first reported case, Nigeria has had 7,839 cases and 226 deaths. In a nation with a population of approximately 200 million, the infection rate is still low for Nigerians to still be scared about COVID-19.
5) Conspiracy Theories – The coronavirus pandemic has had its fair share of conspiracy theories from Bill Gates being the mastermind to the role of the 5G network in spreading the virus. These conspiracy theories have done little to convince already skeptical Nigerians that COVID-19 is not a hoax. Many still believe it is a scam by the government to access public funds. With each passing day and a low infection rate, more Nigerians are coming out to say coronavirus is a myth.


  1. The current situation all over the world as regards this “plannedemic” is akin to the proverbial case of the “cure” being more detrimental than the “sickness.”
    Scientists all over the world have come forward, explicitly stating that infection by the Corova virus is 98% survivable. Yet, governments all over the world and their various health departments, are still being pressured into maintaining these totally unscientific measures that do not satisfactorily resolve, or reasonably alleviate the situation.
    Then you still expect the citizens of the world to believe that there is no global conspiracy going on?
    Think again!