Dear Blessing Okoro: How you faked 30, domestic abuse

Dear Blessing Okoro,
Have I ever had to send a letter and do the full name salute (as in dear ‘name’ & ‘surname’)? I don’t remember, but you earned this.
You are an earner. A different kind though. You earn what you fake. And for such reason, you deserve to earn the shame.
Deal with it. You got caught.
It wasn’t pretty. Once again you remind us of that saying — all that glitters is not gold.
There’s a thing about people like you.
Marriage is not their thing.
Marriage is real. You can’t fake it. Well succinctly put, there are things you can’t fake in a marriage.
And there are things you fake into a marriage that starts to kill you and the marriage when you finally entered.
Of course, marriage is beautiful. But it could be a hell as well. Some scary shit for people who aren’t ready to face reality.
I think people who handle reality well are those who do well in marriages.
For a start, I do think you are an expert in faking things. You made a career out of it. And you must have taken that wise nugget about faking it until it’s real to a new grand level.
You rode on that adage like a flying carpet.
Yes. That’s the problem. You took a flight.
There are things you fake and there are things you don’t.
You don’t fake owning a house. You don’t fake owning a car. You don’t fake being in love. You don’t fake being rich.
You can fake being happy. You can fake a smile. You can fake these things the right way.
‘The right way’ underlined.
You are a Linda Ikeji wannabe, I guess.
You want to upgrade your status to hers.
The super wealthy blogger ish.
Well, it didn’t end well. So you must rebrand. Now that the coast is clear.
You must now set your priority right. Your blog defines you (Blessing Nkiruka Okoro) as a Domestic Violence Survivor, Relationship Expert, Youtuber and Owner of Relationship Blog Break or Makeup. Her passion is to help young people to enjoy understanding and love in their relationships. She hopes to set off a chain that empowers young people to reduce toxicity and negativity around their relationships and embrace deliberate fulfilled lives filled with love, happiness, and acceptance.
You went further to define your achievements as:
“We have had several success and also testimonies from our followers around the globe.
We have been able to create an empowerment program whereby over hundreds have benefited including single mothers.
In the aspect of relationship and marriages, we have been able to heal thousands of toxic relationships and also brought back love in several marriages.
We also provide job opportunities and job referrals to our followers in need.
We also have been able to ensure we stop young girls from committing abortions and taking of illegal drugs which are harmful to individuals.
We also have been able to take care of our single mother thereby providing for their children and them also”.
I doubt you do all these. Perhaps you are just faking good intentions. And sure they are quite good intentions.
But humanity and charity works have been bastardized by people like you. It’s all fake. You guys collect from the rich people with the deception to give to the poor.
But it ends up in your possession.
Fake giveaways on social media here and there. You peep announce a giveaway only to work out a fake receiver. The giveaways always come back to you guys. And the social media citizens are fooled.
Now you have shamed all your friends, followers and also those hardworking celebs that associated themselves with you.
This is very shameful. And I am glad the owner of the house did what he did. It’s the only way to teach others a lesson.
Some people fake everything. Even people’s posts, they steal and go pose on their walls with it.
Your Fake Ass spotter,
PS: I dont believe you are 30 too. Now perhaps, your ex husband is the Domestic Violence Survivor. Poor guy, he must have died many times by your fakings.