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Dino Melaye, Fani-Kayode lead Nigerians expressing rage over controversial Infectious Disease Control Bill in NASS



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Nigerians have electrified the social media platform expressing their rage #StopInfectiousBill over the controversial infectious disease control bill being legislated on in the two chambers of the National Assembly. Several protesters took to their twitter handle to join the mass rejection and agitation #StopInfectiousBill against the controversial bill being desperately sponsored in both the Senate and the House of Representatives of the federal legislature.

Senator Dino Melaye and Femi Fani-Kayode are in the vanguard of advocacy and campaign #StopInfectiousBill to halt further legislation on the controversial health bill.

A stakeholder had raised alarm#StopInfectiousBill that  “the Infectious Bill Public Hearing which gives the #NCDC DG god-like powers above the constitution, President and country starts tomorrow. Lawmakers are hell-bent on it and may try to skew the hearing. We reject these bills from the Gates of Hel#StopInfectiousBilll.”

Another Nigerian remarked that the issue was extensively discussed on Monday on a television programme and “EVERYBODY EXCEPT the senator on set rejected the bill;” he fumed: “who is paying these guys?” #StopInfectiousBill

A stakeholder also protested that “Bill that will give the NCDC DG Thanos-Level powers must be stopped.” #StopInfectiousBill

Dino Melaye @dino_melaye

had also declared: “We must #StopInfectiousBill now;”

while Femi Fani-Kayode @realFFK

added: “these senators are GATEmen and we must expose them.” #StopInfectiousBill

A stakeholder also protested: “What a wicked world we live in; is this what is important at this time? Do our Leaders ever think of the people who elected them into office.”#StopInfectiousBill

“Nigerians Wake up, the bill is Back,” a Nigerian alerted#StopInfectiousBill

Someone also raised suspicion of ulterior motive of the lawmakers, agitating that even if Wuhan is inventing another virus, the federal lawmakers should focus on improving the welfare of Nigerian citizens and not taking away people’s rights and freedom.

“Whether Wuhan is concocting another virus or not, these Nigerian lawmakers should focus on bettering the lives of Nigerians, not taking away the freedom and lives of Nigerians, under this controversial, hilarious excuse of a health bill,” he said. #StopInfectiousBill

There was also complaint of use of arbitrary powers in the bill and abuse of property right, including fundamental human rights provided in the proposed law.

“Sections 55,56 and 57 of the Bill authorize the entry, search, arrest, seizure and disposal of any premises, thing, vehicle, document or person as the case may be without warrant based on mere suspicion and the private opinion of the DG of NCDC, Health Officers and Police Officers,” a stakeholder protested#StopInfectiousBill


Someone simply considered the controversial as “Very ridiculous!”#StopInfectiousBill

Another Nigerian at#StopInfectiousBill condemned the continuation of legislation on the bill, alleging: “They have been paid now. Billy the goat has paid them. Now, they have to do his bidding and create laws that will recreate Nigeria into their playground. Advanced fee fraudsters. Yahoo Boys. 419 senators.” #StopInfectiousBill

A stakeholder #StopInfectiousBill was of the view that “the contents of this bill are not encouraging; reads like the wild imaginations of a deluded dictator, bent on world domination;” he added that “Idi Amin didn’t even go this far! “This madness on rampage,” #StopInfectiousBill

Someone also protested  #StopInfectiousBillthat “if left unchecked, will be end of human rights as we know it.” For a comrade on his twitter handle, it was shouts of I#StopInfectiousBill #StopInfectiousBill #StopInfectiousBill #StopInfectiousBill #StopInfectiousBill

A stakeholder also protested#StopInfectiousBill “this is more apt. Cos the contents of the bill just reeks of infringement on people’s privacy and rights.” #StopInfectiousBill

A Nigerian warned#StopInfectiousBill “remember the people who voted you into office, this wasn’t the promise you made to them. This bill will do no good to Nigerians. #StopInfectiousBill

Another added#StopInfectiousBill “it will do good to his pocket though. The sellout.”

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