Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh, Waje, NCDC Nwando Mba, others celebrated amid COVID-19 pandemic

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Maltina understands the fear and panic felt by all in these challenging times and is invested in using its reach and goodwill with Nigerians to provide solace. Through the Maltina Heroes Of Happiness Campaign, Maltina celebrated mothers in Nigeria working hard to ensure that our families are safe, fed, healthy and happy, even amid a global pandemic.
Beginning on Mother’s Day on March 22, 2020, Maltina connected with audiences to tell the stories of our modern heroes, the women who commit to the cause of raising a generation of ambitious, vibrant and well-adjusted adults, our mothers, mothers in our social and familial circles and other influential Nigerian mothers making a positive impact, sharing happiness in their own spaces in the midst of global fear and panic.
Maltina also sent a happiness gift (thank you note and drinks from Maltina) to the mothers who are heroes of happiness in Nigeria, encouraging them, and giving them a reason to smile as we move forward in our society.
As we all go through these challenging times we face, the nation’s favourite malt drink, Maltina, remains strong in its commitment to share happiness and celebrate those who in their own ways contribute to the happiness of Nigeria.
You can also celebrate your mother, mothers in your familial and social circles, or any mother making an impact using the hashtag #MaltinaHappinessHeroes on Twitter. Make sure to follow your favourite malt drink, Maltina on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, @Maltina, and visit the website, www.maltina-nigeria.com for updates.