DSS foils planned protest in the north as ENDSARS remains unpopular

The Coalition of Northern Groups mad effort to protest killings going on in the north, but made a slip by first notifying the public of its intention to occupy all the northern states and the National Assembly. The DSS would later foil the effort by detaining the organisers on Friday.

Four officials of the group—Nastura Ashir Sharif, Balarabe Rufai, Aminu Adam and Dr Muhammad Nawaila—were invited by the service, and the protest could not kick off.

But CNG’s spokesman, Abdulazeez Suleiman, in a statement on Saturday said the group will go ahead with protest despite what he described as an attempt to suppress their rights.

“#EndInsecurityNow protests against the rampant killings in Northern Nigeria and displacement of hundreds of communities has come under intense pressure and intimidation in the last few hours by the DSS which is hell bent on suppressing the tearful voice of the Northerner.

“The development saw officials of the CNG Nastura Ashir Sharif, Balarabe Rufai, Aminu Adam and Dr Muhammad Nawaila being invited by the DSS in Kano where they were held from 11pm Friday to 2:15am Saturday.

“Throughout their stay at the DSS office, they were incommunicado not answering calls on their phones and not returning the same. We are on the alert.”

The CNG is coming out after the ENDSARS protest rocking the south failed to take off across the north. There have been counter-protests instead in Katsina and Kano.

And all the governors in the region have asked President Muhammadu to redeploy the banned squad to the north.