EFCC develops apps for reporting corrupt Nigerians across the world

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The EFCC has launched an app designed to make reporting economic and financial crimes easier for Nigerians.

Chairman Abdulrasheed Bawa described the App, Eagle Eye, as being the first of its kind by any law enforcement agency in Nigeria, wholly designed and developed by the EFCC staff.

“The Eagle Eye represents a new experience in information sharing and crime reporting between the public and the EFCC”, he said during the launch July 14.

Apart from complementing the existing channels for reporting economic crimes, the app, he said, also eliminates interpersonal relationship in reportig, especially by whistleblowers.

Bawa urged journalists to further enlighten the public on the app features.

“With the App, those who hitherto were afraid to report corruption cases to the Commission either for fear of being identified by the culprits or having their identities revealed, can now do so with the assurance of full anonymity,” he added.

The app also applies tonon-Nigerians willing to blow the whistle on corruption in Nigeria.

“With the Eagle Eye, Nigerians and Non Nigerians can easily take a picture of a property suspected to have been fraudulently or corruptly acquired and report through the App seamlessly”.

It’s available on Apple and Google Play Store.