Eminent Nigerians task youths on preparedness for fourth industrial revolution @ Win9geria 2.0

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Stakeholders, strategists and brand trainers have urge Nigerian youths to focus more efforts in building the right set of values, to evolve a better society they so much desired.
Eminent personalities like the revered Senior Social Scientist Mr. Bolaji Ogunseye, the immediate past Chairman Nigerian Bar Association Ikeja Branch Adesina Ogunlana, Dr. Chioma Okoye,Dr. Maxwell Ubah who were lead speakers at the Win9geria 2.0 forum, held over the weekend task youths to equip themselves more to be relevant in the evolving fourth technology revolution.
The programme held at the Muson Centre,Onikan Lagos, theme: Strategic Wholeness, the inclusive science of building a value driven nation and the responsive Act of saving coming generations, was geared towards cultivating a national rebirth through the youths.
The convener of the forum, Mr. Olaemma Opara a Social Entrepreneur while speaking with newsmen at the event, notes regrettably the deliberate attempt by the state actors to shelve-in the youths in the political workings of the nation.
He however, task the youths to engage more in self development which will eventually bring them to the decision table .
In his view, “Building the right set of values, knowledge, sharing the right opportunities and intelligence is key, then people will find the solution to problems in the society.
“You cannot solve the problem without them. We must grow a sense of involvement in the system.
“So we cannot compete in the political space rather what we can do is to correct the values that this old people have created and then manage a better future with this values that we create for ourselves.
“You can never underestimate the power of values so I believe so well in value infusion and value gathering.
“That when we start to fix our values leadership would emerge and when it start to emerge, at that level it is only meritocracy driven leadership that will emerge. Leadership by merit.”
Piqued by the clearly dysfunctional system of the nation’s polity, Ogunseye a former
Alliance for Democracy gubernatorial candidate in Lagos state opined that many opportunities abound for brilliant Nigerian youths, if they can get IT skills that readily sort for around the world.
According to him, we need to prepare our youths for the fourth industrial revolution, which the combination of mathematics, algorithms with Internet of Things IOT’s, which will make inanimate things communicate so well.
“The coming together of digitalism and creativity in the work place is already in vogue, young people with required skills will soon earn over 1million dollars in a month.
“Our children are brilliant even more than their counterparts in other  climes all they need is orientation in the right way, not to spend all day watching Big Brother Nigeria when they can get skilled about the fourth industrial revolution.
“This also applies now when digitalism has its tentacles in many things even agriculture. Robotics is taking over soonest, it abounds in the field of law, nursing and health, there is no sector that will be spared.” Ogunseye said.
Dr. Maxwell Ubah a Growth Strategist/Trainer while speaking at the forum charged the teeming youths harped on the need for youths to face responsibility when nobody is watching.
He notes that the cardinals of true leadership are responsibility, integrity, service to humanity and equality, these he affirmed will help the youths in bridging the evident gaps between potential and development.
Dr. Chioma Okoye a Poise/Personal Brand Coach spoke eloquently on the need for every youth to deliberately develop a personality clout which help them earn the notice of the powers that be through unalloyed resourcefulness.
One of the Organizers, Comrade Babatunde Ifenuga a leadership consultant LEAD-P, Initiative was quick to stress the import of the forum, citing the void of values amidst youths as a misnomer which demands prompt attention to redirect their orientation.
Ifenuga said that Win9geria concept is poised to train young Nigerians to cultivate the winning habits seamlessly across the social divides.
“It is all about understanding the concept of giving values spreading goodness everywhere and to overcome mediocrity, weakness,evil and wickedness with goodness.
“In a social vices riddled world today with attendant negative impact, draining lives, inflicting agony we can halt the trend if people are taught the right values, which when imbibed the society wins”. Ifenuga reiterated.
Discussants at the forum who are all vibrant youths doing great in one entrepreneurial setting or the other across the country made incisive contributions.
These includes: Alexgreat Akhigbe a Social Entrepreneur/ Trainer,Taiwo Omolara an Historian/ Civic Right Advocate, Funmi Oyelami the CEO HoMeals, Nelson Etah, Anthony Kolawole a Realtor amongst others  all notes that the aggregate of goodness around today if sustained and consciously increased can birth a new Nigeria of our dreams.