David Kauzlaric: “Focusing on Building Your Digital Presence is Essential For Success in 2021”

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Operating in an increasingly digital world, modern enterprises must verify their trustworthiness to potential customers.
The currency of legitimacy is digital identity. David Kauzlaric, cofounder of the highly successful Agency Elevation, contends understanding and harnessing the power of digital identity is pivotal to scaling your brand.
David Kauzlaric likens a brand without a robust digital identity to a plane without wings: it may taxi down the runway, but it’s just not going to take off.
An effective digital identity confirms the link between the digital and real world. A brand’s digital identity consists of all available online information.
This includes elements such as a logo, website, and content marketing, plus all digital activities, social media, and other visible customer engagements.
These two elements—digital attributes plus digital activities—combine to form the basis of a unique digital signature that can establish a foundation of trust. “Trust is the cornerstone for success,” David Kauzlaric emphasizes.
“A clear, consistent digital identity grows with your brand,” he points out. It engenders confidence, respect, and wins loyalty that can even endure a misstep or adverse business conditions.
Like a complete set of fingerprints, a digital identity establishes a company’s credibility. A solid digital identity builds instant trust, authority, and credibility. It assures the customer of the trustworthy experience they’ve come to expect from brands in the 21st century.