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Fashola ducks best minister’s award in Buhari’s government



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City People Magazine on Sunday at the Lagos Airport Hotel gave Works Minister Babatunde Fashola best minister’s award in 2016, though the former Lagos governor insisted no single person can be best among equals on a team.
“In our government team, President Muhammadu Buhari has discharged that role effectively by picking a team of ministers whose commitment to change is unquestionable and the Vice President has demonstrated his ability to complement this vision of change and his dedication to help midwife it,” Fashola saod in his acceptance speech.
“On their behalf I accept this award.”
According to him, it is always very easy for members of the public to pick and choose from a football team who they like more.
“But in doing so, we sometimes forget that what is most important is the team and the work they do together; the team work, that allows any striker, midfielder or defender to thrive.
“There will be no good striker, midfielder and defender in a team that does not do well.”
The minister then stressed that collective success must be, and is indeed, more important than individual recognition.
“My brother and Hon. Minister of State in the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing, Mustapha Baba Shehuri and I accept this award on behalf of government as proof that our team is gaining momentum, and the results of Government policies, programmes and action are beginning to manifest.
“Our party, the All Progressive Congress, the architects of Change, know that the work is not done; on the contrary, it is just beginning.
“We the team members also know this. We know that it can be a lot better, we commit to do more and to make your lives better.”

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