Five most dangerous tribes in the world, No. 2 is very deadly

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Here are the most dangerous tribes in the world as of 2021.

All of these tribes share similar traits such as being highly isolated from the modern world and being fierce warriors who are not friendly so outsiders.

5. The Igbo Tribe

Also known as the tribe of fierce warriors, and they usually wage acts of violence to any person they feel is invading their lands or doesn’t have their consent to be on that land.

4. The Sentinelese Tribe

They are regarded as the most dangerous tribe in the world and also the most isolated and only a few people have made contact with them.

They live on their own small forested island called North Sentinel, and kill anyone who gets closer and have been believed for many year to practice cannibalism but there still debates around the matter as there hasn’t been any proof on record.

3.The Mursi tribe

The Mursi are located in South Ethiopia and Oman Valley of Sudan, they have killed hundreds of people who had crossed their boarder without authorization from leader according to News Crap.

2. The Fulani Tribe

Ever heard of the saying shoot first ask questions later? this is the moto of this tribe and they are considered viciously dangerous to cross paths with and to make matters worse there have been reports of cannibalism.

1. The Yaifo Tribe

Very little contact has been made with them, and have been rumored for many years to be a cult like tribe.

Please note this list was compiled using different sources and couldn’t get all the tribes into this list as it’s only the top five i choose, but I’m certain there are other more dangerous tribe’s not included here.

Which other feared tribes in your area do you know off? please share your thoughts on the comment section down below.