GEJ, Buhari ignore Alibaba’s 7-year-old solution to joblessness, poverty

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By Ediale Kingsley
Alibaba, the veteran Nigerian comic mogul, is bothered about the nation’s joblessness, poverty and over reliance on income from the crude products. He is proposing the Federal Government’s maximization of the economic activities in key sites across the nation.
And he has been saying this for seven years now. He is of the opinion that the International Trade Fair Complex is underutilized and condemned to waste. A situation not palatable to the Wedding Party actor.
“How much do you think the International Trade Fair Complex has contributed to the overall GDP of Nigeria? No need to guess. Let me help you. Nadaaaaa! Yet just looking at the aerial view of that property, I can see over 5 things that can maximize the value”.
Alibaba, here, is worried about having such a site and not fully benefiting from it. He believes there are more viable projects that the sites could be converted to. One of such idea is hosting the biggest Formula 1 circuit ever, Even Lewis Hamilton will want to win his first African pole position there. And what will come with Hotel facilities, restaurants, bookshops, malls, cinemas, massage parlours and spa. Not to mention a gallery for African art and culture”.
Alibaba went on to tutor those in authority about the size of the site. He feels there is enough space for two international standard helipads that can land and take off two helicopters at the same time.
Do you know a Formula 1 circuit like that can attract the makers of Fast & Furious10 to Nigeria? And when the races are done, you can have international music festivals in an international stage that will attract over 500,000 tourists. Do you know how much foreign exchange that will bring to Nigeria? How about an Arts festival? Motor fairs? Business conferences?… Do you know how many Youth Corpers such a place will mop up? 
The Delta state born believes many economic dynamics will be activated by the trade fair complex, If the place is solar powered.
He was also quick to draw our attention to how the place could be a potential venue for Big Brother Nigeria and The Voice Nigeria if the complex contains a studio, “that place can accommodate 100 housemates and there would be no need hosting the events in foreign country”.
He concludes by saying, if Anthony Joshua decides to come fight in his home country, would that not be an international venue enough? But it will not cross their minds. It’s how to steal money meant to fight Boko Haram, and other projects … then run out of Nigeria”.