Gumi attacks Fani-Kayode, calls him most uncomplimentary names

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Islamic scholar, Sheikh Gumi has reacted to the defection from the PDP to the ruling APC by former Aviation Minister Femi Fani-Kayode, a critic of Gumi.

Gumi shared a 2018 post of Fani-Kayode’s swearing he would die rather than join the APC.

“I have for long neglected the rantings of the Judas of Oduduwa attacking me knowing fully well that he is fake and a traitor,” Gumi said in Facebook post where shared his thought.

“Time has now caught up with him and thanks to Allah, all his vituperations are cast in the dustbin of merciless history.

“It’s him now one wonders which of the seven circles of hell this duper will settle if he doesn’t repent.”

Gumi, an advocate of amnesty for bandits, and FFK don’t see eyeball to eyeball.

The National Daily reported how FFK , following aeries of dalliance with the ruling APC, hopped into the party in showy welcome at Aso Villa.

President Muhammadu Buhari who FFK once called a terrorist, killer, corrupt politicians, recived him officially at the villa—a similar welcome he got when he rant from the PAC to join the PDP in 2023.

Then President Goodluck Jonathan received him.