Health worker dies days after receiving Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

Another woman dies days after receiving COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine


A 28-year old nutritional specialist, Sara Stickles has been reported dead barely five days after receiving the second injection of the experimental Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in the United States.

According to twin sister, Kara Stickles, Beginning with her first injection of the experimental mRNA vaccine, there were problems. “She would get headaches a lot” and become nauseous. She also developed “these red spots all over her,” she said.

After Sara’s loss of consciousness and her subsequent death after the second shot, Kara said the diagnosis from the medical personnel was an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), but she has her doubts.

“(Sara) had absolutely nothing ever wrong with her. She was so healthy!” Kara said. “I feel like this was not from something that’s in her brain … this was all the COVID shot.”

“I feel like the doctors are lying about it, I honestly do,” she said. “If it was from the COVID vaccine, they’re not going to admit to it … they’re going to try and pinpoint it on anything else. I honestly feel that way.”

She further indicated that her twin sister at least perceived she was required on some level to receive these injections due to her employment at SAH. “She told me she had to take (the shots) because she worked at a hospital and COVID was going on,” Kara Stickles said.

Asked if the injections were mandatory at SAH, and Sara’s job depended on it, she responded, “I don’t know 100 percent, but I do know … she did it because she felt it was necessary, at least … I’m pretty sure she had to do it.”

Serious concerns from experts include “allergic” and “potentially fatal reactions,” risks that these vaccines may cause infertility in women, result in an increased vulnerability to the virus, and present unacceptable dangers of long-term effects due to a lack of proper testing.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also drew up a document last fall listing the possible side-effects from experimental COVID-19 vaccines, including strokes, encephalitis, auto-immune disease, birth defects, Kawasaki disease, and death.

Present reports revealed that between Dec. 14, 2020, and Feb. 18, 2021, there were 19,907 incidents of adverse events, “including 1,095 deaths and 3,767 serious injuries.

Approximately one third of these reported deaths “occurred within 48 hours of vaccination, and 48% of the people who died became ill within 48 hours of being vaccinated.”

A recent analysis of coerced vaccinations in Israel reveals that the experimental Pfizer vaccine killed “about 40 times more (elderly) people” than would have been killed and “260 times” more of those under 65 than “what the COVID-19 virus would have claimed in the given time frame.”