Here are 3 bank details you must never disclose to avoid ATM card fraud

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One thing about criminals is that they are constantly devising methods to defraud their victims – these methods vary from time to time just as security measures are updated.

Since we are living at a time where people hardly travel with raw cash, criminals have resorted to gaining unauthorized access to the bank accounts of unsuspecting individuals.

In this piece, I have highlighted three bank account details that should be kept private in order to avoid being a victim of fraud.

1. Never disclose any digit inscribed on your credit card. Because scammers can use such details to gain access into their victims account and withdraw money or purchase expensive gadgets online.

2. In case OTP (One Time Password) is sent to you through an SMS. And then, you subsequently receive a call from an unknown person, claiming to be a worker at your bank, requesting for the code – Do Not Disclose It!

3. Never disclose your CVV (Card Verification Value) to anyone. And you must protect it as much as you can. The code is a series of numbers written at the back of your credit card. Disclosing it to the wrong persons could give them unrestricted access to your bank account.

Be careful and watchful. Keep your bank details secret and avoid fraudsters.