How Banga soup helps boost immune systemB

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Banga soup is one of the most common local soups in Nigeria, and has a good effect on your immune system.
Banga soup for people who don’t know is made or prepared by extracting the natural oil from palm fruit and then using it to make the soup.
The palm oil extracted from the palm fruit through the process of extraction contains a good level of antioxidants which impacts your immune system positively when you consume or eat it regularly.
The antioxidant present in banga soup is vitamin E and as you know it is an effective substance for combating or fighting and clearing out radicals or toxins from your body. By doing this it helps your immune system carryout it’s function of detoxification.
Besides the fact that it helps your immune system in mopping our free radicals, it also helps to boost the cells of your immune system by helping them to communicate better in carrying our their function of immunity.
All these effects of the antioxidants gotten from banga soup on your immune system culminates into helping to prevent certain health problems such as heart disease and fast again (which in case you don’t know involves presence of free radicals in your body).
If you’re looking for a healthy soup to help keep your immune system working optimally, then banga soup along with some other rich natural soups will be a good option.
You can enjoy these banga soup with any meal of your choice or you can even use it to eat your rice in place of stew that you have to fry some of the ingredients under high heat while preparing.