Ilana Omo Oodua contradicts Igboho on legal expenses, expresses inabiliy to handle agitator’s medical emergency

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To prove it has not abandoned Sunday Adeyemo Igboho who fronted for it during the Yoruba nation rally, the Ilan Omo Oodua has revealed its efforts in standing with the agitator now sick in Beninese jail.

But the revelation, in hindsight, contradicts Igboho’s earlier claim.

The group’s General Secretary, Opeoluwa George Akinola, told the BBC Yoruba it imported lawyers from around the world to defend Igboho held for forging Bbeninese travels document after Nigeria declared him wanted.

“We are fighting for all our children, we sought the services of countless lawyers in Nigeria and in the Republic of Benin in order to secure the release of Sunday Igboho,” he said.

“Ilana Omọ Oodua contributed about 95% of the fees in the struggle for the freedom of prisoners.’

But over a month ago, Igboho, frustrated, blasted his lawyers Salami Ibrahim, a law professor in Benin, and others whom he paid so much for so little they offered.

“Five million, four million, three million (Naira), that was how they were paid; yet they couldn’t remove handcuffs from my hands. I don’t fear any lawyer or anybody. Anything they want to do to me, I’m ready,” he said in a leaked phone conversation.

In August, his lawyer Yomi Aliu also issued a statement denouncing grous claiming they bankrolled the legal expenses of the agitator and his aides detained in Abuja then.

“He has been carrying his cross alone with no assistance from home or abroad!’ he said.

And now that Igboho is reportedly down with kidney and lung problem, Akinola said the group is still behind him.

Ilana Omo Oodua again is at the forefront.

“Truly, the Ilana Omo Oodua is not a team of medical professionals, but what we are doing is to simply call for Sunday Igboho’s release because we are not known for fighting, and we are not violent.

“What we are telling the government is that Igboho is someone fighting for the independence of the Yoruba land in accordance with the law, thus he should be set free and be at peace.”

Igboho’s trial has been stalled since his arrest and detention in July.