In 3 days, mother of 2 raises fund, disappears, turns up dead at Ijegun herbalist’s home in Jan

Mother of 2
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Whatever made Mercy Henry called frantically on Dec 16, raising funds from friends, and after raking in N30,000, switched off her phone, whereabouts unknown until the police dug out her dismembered body at Ijegun, Lagos?

The police are trying to piece things together.

So far, some suspects have been arrested: Mayowa and two others.

And they are no strangers to the mother of two.

Mayowa, the lead suspect, was her doctor. Not the type that works under the Hippocratic Oath.

Mayowa claims he’s a trado-medical healer, and a midwife hat assisted Mercy when she had one of her two daughters four years ago.

It took an intervention of a friend of Mercy’s who sent the N30, 000 to her account during the fundrising.

According to Mercy’s relatives, Ayo, based in Port Harcourt, Rivers, told them Mercy’s phone became unreachable after the transfer was successful.

The police then followed the money—to First Bank where Mercy had an account.

The trail led to Mayowa’s account. And her phone history also revealed a series of back and forth between Mercy and her herbalist on the fund-raising day. Yet Mayowa had earlier said he last saw her four years ago.

According to LIB, the herbal doctor later caved in after the police Criminal Investigation Department worked him thoroughly. He confessed to killing Mercy.

His motive is not clear yet.

But the manner of the murder kicks up more stink.

Mercy was cut into chunks, bagged, and buried in Mayowa’s compound at Ijegun.