In Cotonou prison he claims he enjoys, Igboho’s down with kidney, lung problems

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Yomi Alliyu, lawyer to Yoruba Nation activist, Sunday Adeyemo (Igboho) says his client developed kidney ad lung problem the night he escaped from the DSS that invaded his Soka home, Ibadan.

Although in the wake of Igboho’s arrest in Benin republic, the Beninese lawyer Ibrahim Salam said his client had broken bones.

“Sunday Igboho is not sick, however, he got injured during the DSS raid on his house on July 1, 2021,” he said.

In spite of the double-speak, Aliyu insists Igboho’s kidney and lung need treatment abroad, and the Beninese government must release him.

“Igboho was not diagnosed with this sickness before he was arrested in Cotonou. It was so serious that they had to rush him to the hospital,” he told the BBC Yoruba.

“I can’t tell if he has been returned to the prison from the hospital but what I know is, he’s battling ill health and it seems his kidney and lungs are already being affected.

“Even though I cannot tell which part of his body the sickness has really affected, I know it has to do with his internal organs.”

The Yoruba nation activist was accused of stockpiling weapons, decalred wanted, and later arrested on his way to Germany in Benin, with forged travel documents.

He has since been detained in Cotonou while his trial drags out in country his Nigerian supporters claim has a better human rights credential.

His former spokesman Olayomi Koiki even said Igboho sent a message to Nigerian he was having a blast in the prison where there was no power failure—unlike Nigeria.