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John Hopkins expert mocks Buhari, calls him name



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After the World Bank released its latest corruption report, Nigeria became a laughing stock around the world, and an American economist just jibed at President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Thanks to the “watchful” eye of Sleepy Buhari, corruption continues to run rampant in #Nigeria, Steve H. Hanke, an applied economist at John Hopkins University, Baltimore tweeted.

“Just look at Nigeria’s terrible “Control of Corruption” ranking by @WorldBank.”

Buhari sold Nigeria his presidency using the anti-corruption campaign as his selling point.

His counterparts in the AU gave him the Champion of Anti-corruption early on in his first term.

But his rating has since plummeted locally and globally as corruption perception indices soar in his administration.

The presidency may not respond to Hanke’s tweet because it has deleted Buhari’s Twitter account following the suspension of the platform’s operation in Nigeria.