MAGU: Malami under pressure, begs IGP as suspended EFCC chairman opens up before panel

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Allegations and counter-allegations in the media have become the daily experience of the suspended EFCC boss Ibrahim Magu and AGF Abubakar Malami, and the duo have no one else to thank for their ordeal except the Justice Ayo Salami panel.

The panel President Muhammadu Buhari set up to investigate the 22 allegations against Magu has been operating in secrecy, going as far as interrogating and detaining the suspect without formality.

And with the vacuum so created, the media, especially social media, has gone to work, filling in the blanks with what they called facts, insider scoops, rumors, and speculations.

Magu, getting the short end of the stick, has been screaming through his lawyers, clarifying the stories in the media—the only source he has been receiving the allegations the presidential panel is probing him for.

“Our client undertakes to cooperate fully with the Salami panel by making available to the panel formal response to the allegations against him in the social media platforms and newspapers since,’ his lawyer Shittu said on the weekend, adding he is yet to be formally served with copies of the allegations against him by the panel.

He’s not spitting fire against the media.

But such zeal to defend is wanting in the reaction of Malami, the chief petitioner and antagonist in the Buhari epic war on corruption which the main opposition PDP describes as a farce.

If anything, the AGF is taking things personally.

According to him, it’s been a gut-wrenching experience watching the media feast of counter-allegations of corruption, abuse of office, and wealth many believe he cannot account for —or which he is been pressured to account for.

“The publications have subjected him considerable distress, psychological trauma, anxiety and greatly injured his character and reputation,” his media office said during the week.

He considers his own share of the media angst, largely stimulated by the blind investigation of Magu, “a seeming coordinated internet/social media attack on him on [since] July 10, 11 and 12, 2020.

Sahara Reporters, among other media platforms, has been dishing out stories and pictures of landed properties in Kano, Kebbi, Abuja it claims belong to the AGF and his family—just within five years of becoming justice minister.

He was equally alleged to have released illegal oil bunkering vessels the EFCC impounded while the case was still in court.

But Malami insisted that the articles were defamatory, with intention to ridicule him before the world.

“He still receives several telephone calls and visits from well-meaning Nigerians, his
friends and associates from all over the world,” his lawyer Ibrahim Ameh wrote in a petition to IGP Ibrahim Adamu.

He urged the IGP to probe the defamatory and libelous publications.

But critics of the administration will want him to respond to the allegation. They even want Buhari to probe him too, rather than concentrate on Magu and the EFCC alone.

No fewer than 12 directors of the agency have been forced into suspension. They too had no idea why. But Malami, as directed by Buhari, announced the suspension as part of the on-going effort to purge the agency.


  1. I am not a lawyer, but the silence adopted by the Ayo Salami probe panel is confounding. Some media say Magu is merely helping to answer questions in the meantime on-going investigation of the anti-corruption agency. They say no formal charges have been preferred against Magu, that what he has been responding to are snippets from the media. Would Magu be detained for 10 days without a criminal indictment? Justice Ayo Salami should come forward and address Nigerians. Magu is a figure of high public value.

  2. What the public is getting to know about the Magu/EFCC probe are snippets from mainly the social media. Magu’s lawyer has reacted that no formal charges have been brought against his client. Responses by Magu are ‘charges’ garnered from the media. The Ayo Salami panel should come public and douse the tension generated by the silent approach they have adopted. Magu and Malami are high profile public figures whose involvement in a matter like this can be left to guesses and conjectures. We need to be assured that what they are doing meets the standard of Justice and fairness.

  3. That’s the beauty of democracy.The investigation should not be a one way traffic, anybody named should be called to come and clear the air on his/ her name.If the AGF is implicated in the ordeal he should come out and tell Nigerians what he knows.

  4. If at all President Buhari is not one-sided about this issue, Malami should also be relieved of his office, pending the time when investigations about the counter allegations against him are cleared or otherwise. But from the look of things it is only Magu the pen is pointing at.
    This unfair.

  5. Nigeria (the presidency) is yet to tell the Nigerians the truth. The born to rule caliphate are toasting what supposed to open the cane of worms of how they misappropriated the resources of this country.
    Why are they pankating allegation against AGF ,Walter ONOGHE remains the case study, that is the restructuring Nigeria is asking for. Nobody is a secread cow in this nation if Nigeria must be well. The leadership of Nigeria is, MENE MENE TEKEL UPHASIN (CAPITAL ZERO).

  6. If it so happens that Mago is clean, then Malami should be dealt with because of his faulse allegations, because making faulse allegations is a crime.