Residents protest roll-out of 5G “Smart” City Grid

Residents of California, USA, came out enmass to resist the installation of controversial 5G telecon facilities in the neighbourhood. This is coming after President Donald Trump openly sponsored the Secure 5G and Beyond Act said to have funded a massive nationwide roll-out of 5G. Residents  across the country were reporting 4/5G cell towers being erected on school property and in their neighborhoods.

It was narrated that on Monday, residents of Mission Viejo, CA, including Moms Across America director Zen Honeycutt, protested the proceedings of the Planning Commissioner hearing portion of 4/5G discussion describing it as “shocking” and “outrageous”.

It was said that after spending four hours on a housing development application, the Commissioners rushed through a public comment in 15 minutes to approve two applications for 4/5G cell towers. “These cell towers will eventually be upgraded to 5G and begin a process of creating a “Smart” City Grid in Mission Viejo, which will likely include thousands of additional cell towers,” residents protested.

It was highlighted that studies have shown that cancer, infertility, and serious health implications occur near cell towers. Residents were said to have tried to demand for a Cease and Desist Resolution as Easton, CT has done, and for pollution insurance, to protect the city residents and the city coffers from potential lawsuits due to harm from the radiation.

The Commissioner Chair, Robert D. Breton, however, who was said to have claimed that they cannot consider health implications, had asked the City Attorney if it was within his legal right to determine that the public comments addressing health or radiation emissions should be disregarded. The City Attorney, Bill Curley, was said to have wholeheartedly agreed.

It was declared: “any future “small” cell towers could, according to the current ordinance, be as close as 33 feet from homes and every 500 feet on sidewalks, exposing residents to constant radiation and data collection.

“What was clear tonight to residents was that the City Commissioners, especially the City Attorney, found any comments about the health or constant radiation emissions from the cell towers to be ‘superfluous’ and excessive.”

A resident, Zen Honeycutt, mother of three children with autoimmune conditions had declared further: “My husband and I were shocked to see them dismiss and rush through the resident’s public comments, with the City Staff member only partially reading four out of 10 of them, and completely ignoring a call for public comment.”

It was also pointed out that Caller Mark Graham, who wished to address points of incompletions of the application such as City of Mission Viejo Municipal Code section 9.30.025. stated, “I was on hold for 24 minutes, hung up and called back twice, and no one picked up. I was not heard. The City Commissioners did NOT follow the Ralph M. Brown Act on receiving public comments during tonight’s meeting.”

It was also narrated that 23-year old resident Lorrie Rudolph was able to call in and point out that California law AB 57, passed in 2015 exempted firefighter facilities and fire stations from cell antennas. She protested, “If they don’t want it, why should we?”

It was remarked that to this day, the International Fire Fighters Association has maintained opposition to the installation of cell towers on their premises due to highly documented health implications.

Rudolph was said to have also asserted that the city has a responsibility to maintain a safe learning environment, keeping cell towers, (which has also been shown to weaken the immune system in studies by Beiger 1990, Dmoch 1998, Moszczynski 1999, Yuan 200) away from schools.

The overall protests were centred on the health hazards of 5G which many feared weaken the immune system and make humans vulnerable. The fear of high death rate propelled residents of the US to embark on mass protest of the installation of the 5G facilities near their neighbourhood.