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Majek Fashek stopped smoking Marijuana three and half years ago



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Majek Fashek, one of the music legends we are lucky to have alive in this era of urbane music dominance that has exploded and created a splash on the global music map. The ‘Send Down The Rain’ reggae god was the Tuface Idibia of yesteryears Naija music industry. He went drastically to being a shadow of himself after dabbling into some form of spiritism and alcoholism. Some say he was cursed, others say he got mentally retarded from reading the seven books of Moses. Yet all were rumors and thankfully in the past now as rehabilitation and modern medicine has come to the rescue. Trends get a hint that there are people who rather have him back to his vomit for personal gains. EDIALE KINGSLEY writes.

HEN Majek Fashek performed at the last Headies Awards on the 1st of last month, many shed tears. Why? “Because I had uncontrollable goose pimples on my body, I was happy my mentor stands and shines again” King Wadada helps in explaining. Voice of this Majek’s protégé gets replayed in my head when someone (who pleaded to remain in the shadows) called to hint me that for selfish reasons some certain persons are redirecting the rainmaker back to his vomit.

In his cranky voice, the man in the shadow said “Deji, Uzor and Victor for selfish interest are leading Majek back to drugs and alcohol after Chief Ayiri successful rehabilitation of the singer”.

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Our source maintained that ever since Majek Fashek came back from the Abuja based rehab center, that he has been doing fine but he has now mingled and got stuck with some mischievous characters that once made money from using Majek Fashek to beg for money.

“They know they can control Majek and benefit more from him when he is back to his alcohol and drug addiction”. The informant said that Deji, Uzor and Victor are not Majek’s managers but they are his friends he met in the days he was controlled by alcohol. He added that these guys have rich friends that they take Majek Fashek.

Trends attempt to find Uzor and Victor was to no avail. However, our findings show that Deji ( Ayodeji Adedeji ) is Majek Fashek’s Public Relations Manager whose career in showbiz spans across two decades.

Speaking with Deji led to some further revelations. “First things first, Majek Fashek wasn’t into drugs of any sort. We know a lot of musicians are into marijuana but Majek stopped smoking ‘igbo’ three and half years ago. His debacle was alcohol”. Deji has always been a close friend to Majek. He helped Majek with his public relations even before he went to Atlanta. Deji said he felt betrayed but not angry when he was removed from the America’s project. “I was replaced by Sunday Are but when he came back from America with his crisis I was the one that remained with him” he said.

On the accusation and allegations, Deji says there are other key players in the entertainment industry that will bear witness to his good intentions and works with Majek. He mentioned COSON’s boss, Chief Okoroji and Tuface Idibia’s manager, Efe Omoriegbe as witnesses to the hard job he puts into the Majek Fashek project.

“I was there when Ajiha Dangaji picked up Majek from the onset of his travails…she started from the scratch”. Deji explains that Ajiha Dangaji invested a lot in trying to repackage and help Majek at the pre-rehab stage. Spilling more, he narrated how a blogger’s tale of the sad travails of Majek caught the eye of a Nigerian now based in the USA. “She’s called Monica as fate would have it she was admitted by Majek as backup, singer into Majek’s band when she was only 16 years old. She was touched by that blogger’s story and contacted us and that was how the Majek Fashek Foundation started”. The Majek Fashek Foundation solicited for funds and help. It was this campaign that the Warri billionaire, Chief Ayiri saw and called us to come over.

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“I remember, Ajiha didn’t want to allow us to go…because she was scared of losing all her investment that included an album (I had to stop them from releasing the album because I felt it won’t reflect the quality of the true Majek), after some heart to heart talk with her she obliged and the rest is history. Majek got the needed rehabilitation treatment. I really never knew he was going to be rehabilitated, even while we were in flight…I just knew a certain billionaire was gonna help us”. When they met Chief Ayiri he instructed them to stop all the several fund-raising campaign that he was going to help rehab Majek. After the 4days treatment and rehab he was discharged but was asked to visit the hospital twice monthly. “I have always told people that what Majek needed were Social Rehabilitation, for an international artiste to suddenly stop having his performing gigs was definitely a sickness”.

Trends was able to gather the true state of the rainmaker…he is doing fine and has a home of his own now…a furnished apartment in Magodo. “I have never taken a dime as payment from Majek for a year plus, when the Mandators visited him at his Magodo residence. They were so pleased with what we have done”.

In Seffi Atta’s voice, everything good seems to have come for Majek, he even owns his newly registered music company that serves as a legal entity for his business onward, Majek Fashek music. If things stays like this we may as well get more rain of blissful tunes from the rainmaker. And if you need some sunshine too, you may do yourself the favour and enjoy Majek Fashek live on the 12th of February at the Bae’s Lounge, Lekki Phase 1. Jah Rastafaria!

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