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Man impregnates wife, stepdaughter



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Officers of the Area “G” of the Lagos State Police Command, had a rare case to contend with as a 36-year-old man, Mr Saka Akonda, has been arrested for impregnating his wife’s 13-year-old daughter.
At the same, Akonda also impregnated his wife, the mother of the girl, as both mother and daughter are having six and five months old pregnancy for the same man.
Incidentally, Akonda, a furniture maker, who resides at Obawole, Iju, Lagos State, was arrested by the police after a complaint was filed by the girl’s paternal uncle against him.
The police had no choice than to  drag him to Ogba Magistrate’s Court for prosecution.
Not perturbed by his offence, he told the court that he loved the stepdaughter hence decided to put her in the family way.
Instead of being remorseful, Akonda is accusing the police of wrongfully arresting him after
he had settled the matter peacefully with the girl’s biological father.
The suspect, a father of two children, has promised to take care of the underaged girl adding that he has already been taken care of the girl.
He said: “Everything would have been okay, but it’s the girl’s father’s brother that is causing problem. He was the person that encouraged the girl’s father to arrest me.
“Even when my wife said we should abort the girl’s pregnancy, I kicked against it. I was afraid for her life. I don’t want her to die. I have been sponsoring the girl’s education since my wife came with her to my house.
He said: “I’m begging the girl’s father to remember that I have been responsibilities for her care since the mother brought her to live with me five years ago. The father has not been taking care of her.”
The girl’s uncle, Oladele Rasheed, 52, a driver, was said to have said that the girl’s mother abandoned her husband to marry Akonda before impregnating mother and daughter.

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