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Man slashes daughter’s throat over Facebook



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The police on Monday arrested a Thai man for slashing his daughter’s throat after an argument about her Facebook and smartphone use.

Sornkrai Poonperm, police commissioner of Petchburi province, some 120 kms south-west of Bangkok, said Surin Kaewrae, 41, confessed to attacking his 13-year-old daughter with a knife.

“Kaewrae attacked his daughter with a knife after a dispute over her excessive use of Facebook and a smartphone,’’ Poonperm said.

However, his daughter survived the attack and is being treated in hospital.

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According to Sornkrai, Surin was apprehended while on the run with his 5-year-old daughter in a nearby province.

Meanwhile, he has previously been sentenced to three years for other crimes.

Surin told police he had many arguments with his daughter previously, adding that he had told her several times to study rather than chat with her boyfriend, but his daughter never listened.

Police said later Surin’s wife Hattaya Kaewrae, the victim’s mother, attempted to physically attack her husband but was held back by police.

Report says Surin has been charged with attempted murder and he is in police custody.

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