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By Ediale Kingsley

Disgust got raised in volumes when the sugar baby saga made the trending list of naija gist. That may as well just be my notion as we can’t truly deny how it must have entertained some other peeps.
So I may as well just crossed that line and make this piece an opinion and not a journalistic docu.
As an unusual entertainment editor I have wondered most times why some dudes take to firing weeds to my [email protected] mail addy. Weeds, because most times the so called stories sent to me will never make it to the pages of Trends & Trendstainment that the shooter intends to target. And so National Daily Newspaper readers wont be exposed to it.
The messages and stories of this Sugarbaby Vs Audu case fall under this category. Audu’s camp, most especially, have been sending me these weeds of documentaries for me to inform my readers.
These weeds became  interesting then tilted to disgust and thats why we are here.
We are here to examine all the documents tendered by both parties.
And yes, it’s a rape case. It really happened and  Lotanna was truthful about that. But that’s not to give #teamSugarbaby a moment of fist-up, because she also shares in whatever guilt or wrongful cuffs as duly derserved of Audu and his gang. They are both wrong and guilty, of Sugarbaby and of Sugardaddy. Of Lotanna and of Mustafa.
And while we all give a nod reaction to the sentencing of both parties. It’s only fair for us as a society to put all hands on desk and accept our handcuffs.
Cuffs of a society that dances to Olamide’s “Story of the gods”. A people that award vulgar lyricists, explicit contents and related vices in mass celebrated feats. This society shouldn’t even play saint in this matter. Today it’s Lotanna, tomorrow don’t publish a blog if it’s your daughter. Especially if these ill lyricists campaigned with these ill songs for your personal or product brands.
We, Lotanna and Audu are all far from being saints. For an exact fact, we have become demons and we need some urgent works to get pure again.

Think about these:
1. A lady was raped and she jumped to having a blog of atonement, of relief, of positive distraction, of therapeutic cleansing…and all she ended up with as a blog title is “SugarBellyRocks”. (Sugar + Belly + Rocks).

2. Ever heard about Koggi guys? My apologies to the good Koggi guys…buh…

3. Audu was spoilt by super wealth. Think about all the super rich spoilt guys you know.

4. Lotanna was spoilt by freedom. She had too much freedom. Parents…if you abandon your sons they become “danger” to the world, when you abandon your girls they end up at Allen Avenue or become the “victims” in the world.

5. Guys, girls keep exchanging naked or sexual explicit contents of thyselves on the net or digital platform. You may also just include a nasty habit to that as well. Drugs. Yep cos after the eventual most certain leak you can always have your drugs to deep your head in.

6. Love isn’t enough. Just because he says he loves you doesn’t mean he understand the word ‘love’. Love is an item that’s most likely ‘sold out’ already.

7. Guys that “innocent” face may be the “affliction” that destroys your life.

8. Linda Ikeji bought a mansion some months ago. So why not Lotanna. ( Think, peeps. )

9. Yes…this society may not give you a listening ear when you come out to report your rape case. Yes, the police may mock you. Yes, people may crucify you instead. Yes, people may call you sluts and prostitute…
Which is why you as a lady must be guided. Sad, I know. But no amount of justice will take away what rape brings to your life as a victim. So do all you can to avoid such sad tale. Most girls love bad boys.
I think ( and may be only slightly wrong, but I doubt) Lotanna loved (and infatuated by) Mustafa to a point of obsession. All she wanted to be was in her words “be his woman”. She knew Mustafa was devil’s cousin but the infatuation won the best of her.

10. This Sugarbaby Saga according to Toni Kan, will not end well. Yet the silver lining for Lotanna would be the love and support from big sisters like Funmi Iyanda thats already trickling in. She is also having massive Google rating and her blogs gonna get more fame. For Audu…he needs to stop listening to his legal and pr consultants. He should sack them and discuss with Lotanna starting with these words, ” Old friend, I am very sorry…let bygone be bygone…”

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