No repentant looter will go unpunished—Police

For those who are returning the goods they looted from warehouses and other places in Abuja, their conscience may be at rest. But the law of the federal republic of Nigeria will still take its course, especially in Abuja.

According to the FCT police command, such restitution may not shield one from prosecution.

FCT Commissioner of Police Bala Ciroma said this on NTA’s Good Morning Nigeria programme on Wednesday.

He, however, said cases would be handled based on their merit.

“In a situation where people come to return goods, the fact remains did you commit an offence or not? We will get our legal experts to look at it and we will decide what to do with it.

“We will conclude our investigations and the legal experts will look at it accordingly but the fact remains that a crime has been committed.”

The command has made several arrests, and some items have been recovered.

He promised residents that all those arrested would be prosecuted.