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Notorious cultist, Tony Kabaka issues threats to other cultists in Benin



Notorious cultist, Tony Kabaka issues threats to other cultists in Benin
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A video emerged online on Tuesday where Tony Kabaka, a notorious cultist, was seen on the streets of Benin along with armed men who were shooting in the air, embarking on a walk which they say was sensitization to residents of the state and various cult groups on the need to shun cultism and end the killings.

Kabaka, an influential member of the notorious Black Axe Movement now known as the New Black Movement (NBM), also openly conducted stop and search during the walk.

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Kabaka who had in the past acknowledged being a member of the new NBM is famous for his alleged involvement in cult activities in Benin as well as his affiliation with the political class which earned him the post of Youth Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Edo State.

A position that sees him galvanizing grassroots support for the ruling party as well as rallying the youth during elections or political activities.

It, however, came to everyone as a surprise on Tuesday when despite his antecedent Tony Kaba together with his armed loyalists were seen in a trending video holding a walk and issuing out threats to all cult groups in the state, adding that “if anyone is caught, irrespective of whatever cult group he belongs, he won’t be handed to the police, but will be killed”, Kabaka said.

They were heard loudly chanting words and singing songs like, “No to killing, no to killing, if we catch you, you go die”, etc.

Many Nigerians held the view that Kabaka who is fully involved in cultism shouldn’t lead a movement such as this, adding that it is even more shameful for the Police to look on while he hands out death threats in public, as it could further fuel the crisis in the state.