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Obaseki defects—end of APC in Edo!



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The ruling APC might have driven Gov. Godwin Obaseki up the creek as a hint emerged, for the first time, that the governor, itching for a second term, will go elsewhere to take his chances.

And his supporters are already mobilizing for his exit.

If push comes to shove, and Obaseki leaves, the APC is dead in Edo, said a former commissioner and loyalist.

Charles Idahosa issued the warning to his party APC as he addressed newsmen on Monday, stating he will mobilise others to follow Obaseki on his way out of the APC to seek his fortune in another party.

Where he will be headed then—most likely the PDP— will not surprise many.

The National Daily gathered the dalliance between Obaseki and the opposition played out during the state assembly election of principal officers, when the PDP minority was allegedly supported by the APC governor to become Speaker.

The smart move further widened the rift between the governor and his party national chairman and predecessor Adams Oshiomhole who insisted the minority can’t rule over the majority.

Both leaders have been in a running battle for about 10 months now, and there is no sign a truce in sight.

According to Idahosa, peace will only be restored in the Edo Assembly if the 15 lawmakers-elect comply with the party’s directive on zoning of leadership in the Assembly.

He called on Oshiomhole to resign.

“For a National Chairman of a party to lose five states is an insult to our sensibility,” he said.

“Obaseki won all the 24 seats in the Assembly but Oshiomhole media aides gave the credit to Oshiomhole.”


On the claim that the governor was ungrateful to Oshiomhole for bringing him to power, Idahosa said it was Obaseki that first helped Oshiomhole raised millions of naira to enable him contest elections in 2007.