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The provost of the Life Theological Seminary, in this interview with Babalola Edegba, reveals how the seminary is grinding out Christians workers sharpened  for the final harvest

WHAT motivates the establishment of Life Theological Seminary?
It was established to develop and equip qualified men and women for Christian leadership in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. It was to train pastors, evangelists, people called of God so that they can be involved in the ministry, serve God better, love God better and love fellow human beings. Essentially, it is to train men and women for the ministry. This occurs through the merging of spiritual, educational and vocational disciplines.
What are your core values?
Spirituality, excellence, discipline, integrity and competence. The mission
is to raise men and women filled with spiritual  empowerment, fully equipped for service of God and humanity
What significant role(s) has Life Theological Seminary products played or are playing in the spread of the gospel?
Many of our products that we have been turning out in the last 60 years are
great pastors, evangelists, church leaders many of which are of  international repute; men who are also in academia, captain of industries who are doing exploits for the God’s kingdom and society impacting lives, businesses and the nation
Are there any developmental programme embarked upon by your
By the special grace of God, we put up some buildings. Presently,  three-floor classroom, office buildings, chapel are all on-going. A good number of physical developmental projects completed with some new academic programmes
added. God has helped us thus far. We also have a newly built clinic donated by Rev. Bola Adams to be opened for the community’s use as mission clinic. We have academic programmes such as Diploma in Theology, Bachelor in Theology, Master in Theology and the college admission is
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What stand your seminary out among others?
What makes us stand out is that our products are making impact.
No system without its challenges. Can you identify if any and how could
they be solved?
Challenges such as finance are imminent, we have many things we want to put in place, we have many students whom we want to assist but no resources.
Also we must realise that we are dealing with human beings with their
various challenges. Well, we get them solved everyday yet others are still
springing up, so challenges cannot be totally eliminated

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