Over 1500 Nigerians petition Buhari in 12 hours

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  • Vaccine mandate as violation of human rights

Over 1,500 Nigerians have petitioned President Muhammadu Buhari over imposition of compulsory covid vaccine mandate on civil servants in Nigeria. The petitioners argued that the coercive covid vaccine mandate is a violation of human rights and endangers the health of people who are sick but forced to accept the vaccine jab.

The petitioners, some of whom are under the aegis of Alliance Against Forced Vaccination, are demanding immediate reversal of the federal government’s forced vaccine mandate for civil servants in Nigeria.

The Alliance Against Forced Vaccination began the petition to President Muhammadu Buhari, demanding immediate reversal of the dictatorial policy of the Boss Mustapha Presidential Advisory Committee on covid, compelling Nigerians to take the covid vaccine jab.

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Boss Mustapha, Secretary to the Government of the Federation, and chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee on covid, had at the ritual covid briefing in Abuja on Wednesday October  13th, declared that “With effect from 1st December 2021, Federal Government employees shall be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination, or present a negative COVID-19 PCR test result done within 72 hours to gain access to their offices in all locations within Nigeria and our Missions.”

The petitioners protested that the decision is “unconscionable and a direct violation of Human Rights in Nigeria.”

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They argued that everyone has a right to choose, live and interact freely without prejudice and should not be forced by a vaccine mandate. The petitioners pointed out that adverse effects have been reported for the covid vaccines all over the world and almost every day, there are new adverse reactions reported, including deaths.

The petitioners also argued that monthly Minimum wage in inertia cannot fund one PCR Test, yet the federal government ordered two tests bi-weekly. They also argued that in a State where there were 195,000 recoveries from 208,000 covid cases and 2,700 deaths in 20 months, Covid-19 is not a public health issue in Nigeria.

Several countries have been taking precautionary measures over the side effects of covid vaccinations, some Western countries, at a time suspended the vaccines for thorough investigations and validation of their efficacies and genuine support to human life. The Nigerian government never considered such action but puts the lives of citizens at risk while gulping huge foreign aids in the guise of containing covid-19 in the country.

The petitioners protested that “all over the world, courts are throwing out vaccine mandates, and the Government must take cue from the growing global rejection of vaccine mandates.

“We cannot allow this, especially, with the current state of Covid 19 in Nigeria.”

They, therefore, declared: We the people must rise and protect our liberty by resisting this move by the Federal Government of Nigeria to enforce vaccine mandates for all civil servants.”

They argued further that “it is equally a sneaky devilish strategy to request bi-weekly PCR tests from staff before entry of office.”

They stated that current data and experts indicate that the PCR tests cannot be the gold standard for detecting Covid19, as the rate of false positives are extremely high.

“This information is publicly available, and it is worrisome that Nigeria chooses to hinge the livelihood of her civil servants on this.

“Also, considering the financial implication of frequent testing, it is practically and financially impossible for many to afford bi-weekly PCR tests as the minimum wage in the country cannot successfully pay for a PCR Test.

“With less than 13,000 active cases of Covid-19 in Nigeria (208,000 cases with 195,000 recovered) since February 2020 when the index case of Covid-19 was registered in the country, it is safe to state that Covid-19 does not present itself as the greatest threat to public health; especially, with just 2,700+ deaths in Nigeria,” the petitioners declared.

There have been insinuations of some casualties in Nigeria from the forced covid vaccination across the country. Certain citizens were said to have developed one form of ailment or the other after receiving the compulsory covid vaccine.