P-Square back again?

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Some interesting events, occurring within a short while, are breeding hope in the hearts of P-Square fans that Peter (Mr. P) and Paul (Rude Boy) might resurrect the legendary band again.

The twins broke up P-Square in 2017 after a bitter feud, with each half of the group doing well since.

The break up reflected in everything that linked them, except one.

However, look at these few points of mine and then you would agree that something is up.

*Peter took the full brood shopping for toys and blings in the US.

*Anita Okoye then thanked him, saying “Christmas in November, thanks to Uncle Peter.”

*He replied: “You are welcome, Anita.”

*In four days, Mr. P will drop an album — “The Prodigal”. Is he returning?

*Track 6 is “I Love You,” is an action-packed ballad that has soulful Simi, boisterous Teni and delectable Tamar Braxton on board.

Those aren’t enough for us to hope for the magical P-Square shaking up stage and heart?

* Well, they are now following each other on Instagram again. And the inimitable Naija Ninja, God rest his soul, would be smiling.

* Jude and Peter follow each other on Instagram

 P-Square we back again?