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PDP marks 21st anniversary, lists 40 achievements 1999-2015



PDP explains position on 2023 zoning arrangement
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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) came into existence on August 31, 1998.

At 21 years, PDP achievements include:

1. N18k Minimum wage
6. Card Reader
7. TSA
8. New National ID Card
9. New Drivers Licence
10. BVN
11. New pension scheme
12. Abuja to Kaduna Rail
13. Abuja Light Rail
14. GSM
15. PTDF
16. 14 new Federal Universities
17. Akpabio Stadium, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State
18. KASU and many other state universities
19. Granting licence to several private universities
20. Debt repayment and cancellation
21. Fastest growing economy in Africa.
22. Third fastest growing economy in the world.
23. Exchange rate: N160/$1
24. Fuel: N87
25. General low prices of commodities compared to now.
26. New Kaduna Central Market
27. First Nigerian Drone Launched
28. First Nigerian Satellite launched
29. NDA moved to its permanent site after about 25 years.
30. NDA admitted its first female combatant cadets.
31. AFIT, NN school of Armaments Tech, Nigerian Police Academy were established.
32. Nigerian Legislative Institute was established.
33. Guaranteed relative peace in the country
34. Promoted freedom of speech and communication
35. Naval Base and International Market in Lokoja

36. Building 80% of the Airports in the country

37. Sales of bag of foreign rice 8000 etc.

38. Firm, stable and strong political party

39. Promotes liberal and internal democracy

40. Transformation to mass national political party

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