Pochettino: 5 top clubs are calling

Mauricio Pochettino

Tottenham fired their manager, Mauricio Pochettino, after his long stay at the club on Tuesday evening. Pochettino, who was named Tottenham boss on 28 May, 2014 after taking Southampton to their best-ever finish in the Premier League. Also took Tottenham to heights they never got to before his arrival. Pochettino took the club to the UCL final in a season the club didn’t spend money buying players but rather committed to their new stadium. Ediale Kingsley believes it is the sweetest sack letter in the history of football, since it sets him free and available for the biggest clubs in Europe. Ediale shares his thoughts in an Open Letter to Pochettino and notes that the following clubs are available for him to make his pick: Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Arsenal.

See the complete letter:

Dear Mauricio Pochettino,

Finally! You have been released to manage a top football club. Think smartly. Tottenham will never have a coach like you again. I hope they didn’t sack you to employ Jose Mourinho.

Whatever they do afterward, I do not see them getting the job right from this point on. It is going to be a decline. A lowering of the standards. A tale of diminishing returns.

Most times we never know what we have until we lose it. Barcelona never got a manager like Pep Guardiola again. Barca has since moved on regardless but they are yet to get a better manager. Pep too has since moved on to prove his worth. If he didn’t leave Spain, not many would have given him his due respect. They would have said he is awesome because Messi plays for his team.

So I don’t need a soothsaying gift to know that Tottenham will be worse off for this decision. You are the Arsene Wener of Arsenal. The Pep of Guardiola and the Alex Ferguson of United. Arsenal will never get a better Wenger. They have been trying to all their life after Wenger. Same situation as well for Manchester United.

You took an average club like Tottenham to Champions League final. That is magical. You have had a magical ride in your football journey. What a life!

And you are only just beginning. This is the start of a new era. One good coach is now free from the shackles of mediocrity. Who would be lucky enough to get you?

Bayern Munich?

Manchester United?

Real Madrid?



I don’t see you coaching any other club aside these 5.

Any of these 5 that gets you has found gold. As a Barca fan, the only thing that can make me break my vow and dance “soapy” is when they replace Valverde with you.

You are a man of destiny. You took Southampton to a position and place they never got to before in just one year in office. You also did same for Tottenham. In Spain, you are one of those managers that held Pep’s magical Barca (the greatest football squad of all times) to a goalless draw. You also defeated that team, 2-1, with your Espanyol squad.

Pep, the best manager in the world, respects you. Because you have stopped him and gave him tactical lessons more than once. Only few managers like Klopp can pull such stunts on Pep.

Your Farmer father must be happy to see his farm boy become a star. They hear you speak English and are amazed now. You left Spain for England not knowing how to speak English.

Now, it’s time to live life after Tottenham. Your son’s, Sebastiano and Maurizio are staffers of Tottenham. One a management team, the other a talent. So one could end up managing Spurs someday, while the other could be their first team star player — someday.

Congratulations on being freshly sacked. There is a bigger job waiting out here for you. Choose wisely. United will come like a whirlwind for you. They will be foolish not to. But is United the best deal for you? I personally, think you should go to Bayern, Madrid or Barcelona.

Let’s not even talk about Arsenal. That job can treat you like Tottenham. They won’t give you the working tools or environment. But they’ll want you to do the miracle. What miracle is Arsenal looking for right now? They want to win the EPL. The last time they won it there was no internet. That miracle, you could perform.

Bayern needs Champions League, and you can give them. Real Madrid needs La Liga. You can give them.

Analyze your chances. Make the right decisions now and you will end up in that special list for the big boys.

I expect you to throw a party over this sack. Take your wife, Karina, out. And party all night. It is a new dawn.

Your Good News spotter,



PS: Eriksen will leave. Son will leave. Dele Alli will follow too. I don’t know about Harry Kane, who knows if he wants to be a coach at Spurs. Will Tottenham go for Wenger, Mourinho or Enrique…I don’t think Max’ Allegri will fall for such temptation.