Pro-Trump supporter kills himself

A MAGA activist charged with breaching the US capitol and a curfew Jan 6 has committed suicide.

Christopher Stanton Georgia, a father of two, reportedly shot himself in the chest at his home in Alpharetta, according to UK Daily Mail.

Unlawful entry is a misdemeanor charge that carries a maximum penalty of up to 180 days in jail and fine of up to $1,000.

But Georgia chose to kill himself in the basement of his house.

Two semi-automatic rifles were reportedly removed from his house, according to police authorities.

Documents obtained by UK Daily Mail showed Georgia’s wife called 911 on Saturday morning, telling authorities there was ‘blood everywhere’.

Family members on the scene were described by police as ‘extremely distressed’ in a police report.

According to documents from the Superior Court of DC, Georgia had been charged with attempting to ‘enter certain property, that is, the United States Capitol Grounds, against the will of the United States Capitol Police.’

At around 7:15pm last Wednesday, on the night of the riots, he was reportedly among a group outside in violation of the district’s 6pm curfew that had been put in place earlier that day to stem the chaos wreaked by the pro-Trump mob.