Resident ignores 24-hour curfew, sustain protest with burn fires in Edo

A few residents were said to have defied the 24-hour curfew imposed by Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State on Monday in the state. National Daily gathered that some residents, though very few, still found their ways to the streets of Benin City to sustain the #ENDSARS protest by burning tyres on the roads.

It was gathered commercial buses and cars drivers were operating normal businesses. However, shops, banks, companies, and other businesses were shut down in observance of the 24-hour curfew which ends on Tuesday evening.

The Edo State Government had imposed the curfew after reports of the release of some prisoners and detainees from the prisons in the state on Monday under the guise of invasion of the prisons by #ENDSARS protesters.

A video of the prison escapees showed some hoodlums gathered outside the prison premises while some prisoners were aided inside the premises to climb the high fence and jump into freedom.

The police at the gate were observed in the video to on sighting the escaping detainees, shouted: “bring the gun” after which the Police started shooting to forestall other inmates from jumping the fence into freedom.

The crowd were subsequently dispersed by the police gun shots.

There were insinuations that the escape of the criminals were internal arrangements, prison officials compromising their duties. None of the prisons escapees was seen wearing prisons uniform, indicating that the main prisons may not have been opened; the arrangements may have been limited to the ‘awaiting trial” section of the prisons.

Meanwhile, greater population of Edo residents observed the restriction of movement order, complying with the curfew which may end in some hours from now.