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Rot in EFCC; Magu asks for help



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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is prosecuting its officials for corruption in various courts across the country.
The Acting Chairman of the commission, Mr Ibrahim Magu told journalists in Abuja on Wednesday.
Magu said he would not condone any act of corruption in the agency.
“Recently, we had to discharge about nine cadet officers because they have problem with their certificates from various institutions.
“We are also prosecuting a lot of officers. Some of them are already in court.
“There is a way you can help us. Just like you can help us with information regarding corrupt practices outside the EFCC, and proceeds of corruption, you can also assist in giving us the information.”
“I cannot be everywhere but I am telling you I don’t spare any allegation no matter how little. We make sure we investigate.
“No allegation against the EFCC personnel is left uninvestigated. Even if there is allegation against me, we will refer it to the appropriate authority to investigate.’’
According to him, the ongoing anti-corruption war was getting tougher, adding the fight has never been this tough in the years he has spent in the commission.
”Nobody will claim ownership, nobody has a better knowledge than the other person, nobody has a monopoly of knowledge in the fight against corruption. We need everybody on board now that the fight against corruption is getting tougher. I have been in this business for a very long time; it has never been this tough like now.
“Some of us feel that it is our generation that caused corruption. So, we have a responsibility to clear the debt.
He asked for  assistance from all stakeholders, especially the media, in the fight.

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